Fiberglass wood clad vs. aluminum wood clad

mbwaldropMarch 6, 2010

Please help with any and all information. We are about a month away from building our house and I have got to make up my mind on windows and doors. We have 9 french exterior doors, 32 casement windows, and 5 casement transom windows. Average size of windows 2ftx5ft. I have spent hours and hours of research on aluminum vs. fiberglass. I have looked at Marvin's Integrity (solid wood interior), Weathershield fiberglass clad (solid wood interior), and just recently Milgard windows (wood interior is veneer on fiberglass)but we are in the south and I am not certain I can get their product. Which product is going to last longer? Which is going to need less upkeep? Which manufacture would you suggest?

I know that fiberglass is a greener product and gives a better energy rating, but I don't want to purchase a window with better energy ratings if the exterior is not going to hold up long term.

Most everyone I have talked to has questioned the fiberglass and suggested aluminum but I could not tell the difference between the 2 side by side. We are using the bronze finish on the outside and both the windows and doors which will match. Any and all suggestions welcome!!! Thank you!!!

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I am not sure that Fiberglass is "greener" or more efficient and that also depends on what you are comparing it to.

Fiberglass with have better thermal numbers than even a thermally broken aluminum.

I would not eliminate a Aluminum clad wood (I think that is what you Weathershield option is) window from your selection options if you decide you want to another option.

All things considered, you are going to have a hard time matching the aesthetics or build quality of that Marvin Integrity. Biggest issue with that window is the stock size program. That is a moot point in a new construction application because you can build it to whatever you need it to fit.

That would be my choice if I were building right now.

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