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silverswordDecember 8, 2008

What to do ladies? The bride does not want to go out on the town, nor does she want a stripper. The party will be at her home. Any suggestions to make it a fun night????

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What does SHE think is fun? Do that. If she really doesn't want to go out at all, but she likes movies, rent one (of the kind she likes best) and bring in pizzas or whatever food she likes best. If she likes to play games, do that.

If by "go out on the town" you meant barhopping, not that she doesn't like to go out much at all, then take her for dinner, lunch, tea, or dessert at a fancy or fun restaurant (unless you MUST have it at her home).

Maybe she just isn't a party person. Maybe she'd like it if you all went to a spa, a game, a concert, a museum, a zoo, a planetarium, a conservatory, a lecture, bowling, skating, swimming, hiking.

If she volunteers at a food pantry or nursing home or has a favorite local charity, get a group together to do a special project for them.

The point, of course, is that there are hundreds of things to do besides getting drunk and hiring strippers. Forget anything anyone told you about what is "supposed" to happen at a bachelorette party, and just plan a fun evening that suits your group. The key is to think of what SHE likes to do. We don't know her, so we can't answer that, but you do. Have fun (both planning and at the party)!

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Thanks for responding Gellchom,
It needs to be at her house because there will be a babysitter and children in the neighbors house. She likes to have fun, but doesn't want the usual. I've thrown bachelorette parties before (never with strippers) but was hoping for some fun game ideas, etc...

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I think you are back to figuring out what sorts of games your group likes to play. D&D, bridge, Pictionary or Settlers of Catan would be four very different fun options for my group of friends. We might do one wedding themed silly game, but with my group, that type would get pretty old pretty fast. Murder mystery games are also quite fun, but might be too UN-wedding like for your taste.

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Hi duckie,
I guess I'm at the "sleepover" stage. Cards, popcorn, silly wedding themed movies... pictionary would be fun. I agree, the silly games wouldn't be fun for too long. We have all the kids in the next house over, so we can't get too wild!

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Silversword, that sounds like a fun party to me.

Chanel your inner 10 year old, having what she envisions is a sophisticated teen party. Cards, popcorn, silly wedding movies, glitter make-up/makeovers, dream date game (wasn't there something like that a million years ago?), magic 8 ball. A little alchohol wouln't be amiss since you actually are adults, but neither your lifestyle nor the theme of the party would necessitate much of that.

Would your friend have fun at such a party?

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Sounds like fun to me, too. But Duckie is right: the important thing is whether it would sound like fun to the guest of honor. Why not just ask her?

You are nice to give your friend a party. I am sure she will have a great time.

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I remember going to an all female party with all the food being chocolate. The drinks were chocolate too. You could even do a Mexican dish with the non sweet chocolate sauce--mole.

You could have some fabulous food if everyone brought a favorite. Even all salads and desserts is a wonderful meal with everyone bringing a favorite.

Or it could be a simple pizza and beer night too. The important thing is to have fun. And a stripper was never my idea of fun, even when my friends did it for my 40th. It was not fun, though I tried.

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Sheila, that sounds like fun!! I'd love a chocolate party :)

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If you do the all-chocolate party, be sure to have at least some salty/savory foods on hand. I just went to a chocolate party very recently and between the chocolate desserts and the chocolate drinks, well, it was just too much. You wouldn't think so but there it is. I think it would have helped to have some non-choco/non-sweet snacks as well as some non-choco drinks just to offset all that chocolate. Also make sure all of your guests can eat chocolate as some people are allergic and that might make them feel out of place.

If you're just trying to do a low-key girls' party, I like the idea of a potluck or pizza night. Just hangin around with girlfriends really doesn't need a whole lot of embellishment. You can have some games & movies on hand just in case, but IME when you get a bunch of women together, it can sometimes be more fun to just sit around munching and schmoozing without any organized activities at all.

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Lowspark, that's what we're going to do. After thinking everyone's suggestions over I think a "pizza party" atmosphere will be the most fun. I'll get some wedding movies to play in the background and we can just sit around and gab.

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My daughter held a bachelorette party for her 73 year-old mother-in-law. It was a sleepover all the older ladies had a wonderful time. We had a nightgown fashion show, so they wore their strangest get-ups. We watched the original Father of the Bride with Elizabeth Taylor and just had a great time. The ladies said they had so few opportunities to celebrate like that with their friends.

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I love that movie, especially since marrying off our only daughter a couple of years ago and especially with Spencer Tracy. I adored him and he reminds me of my father. Interestingly, as infants, they played together on the living room floor as their mother's visited. The moms were friends.

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You might also want to check out They have really cute stuff for sleepovers and hanging out with girlfriends as well as for bachelorette parties. You can probably find cute things there to create goodie bags for the girls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freakin' Fabulous

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Bridal / Bachlorette Lingerie and Gifts

Here is a link that might be useful: Bridal / Bachlorette Lingerie and Gifts

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