9 replacement windows - 6k?

loosechangeMarch 28, 2012

We're looking to replace the windows in our sunroom as they're single pane. Local company (Ohio) has quoted us 6000 for 9 Seaway Accolade windows and install. They're pretty large windows so I can see why they'd be a little pricy but at $665 a window installed, I'm not sure it's the best move. Part of the issue is that 6000 is only good through March and then it's up to 6700 so finding other construction companies to get out to our house for an estimate is proving to be difficult for the short term.

5x - 51 7/8 tall by 59 7/16 wide

4x - 47 7/8 tall by 59 7/16 wide

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Tough to say without knowing more about the installation details.

Those opening sizes are so large that normal windows cannot accommodate that opening size.

What are they proposing?

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Just the standard Accolade window as far as I know, remove old windows, install replacements, finish as necessary.

Are they really that big that a 'normal' window won't work? I read through this post which gave some useful information if accurate.


Here is a link that might be useful: Window size?

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Do you have your sizes reversed, or are these slider windows?

And are they double hung windows (assuming your width and height are swapped) or single hung windows?

Also, what material is your porch framing made of? Wood, aluminum etc?

The more information the better.

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they might be twin double hungs or casements which means each of those openings are considered 2 windows. .if thats the case, iits a very low price.
perhap they are sliders. if so, price is not that bad.

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More details would definitely be helpful :)

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Sorry for the delay, the dimensions are in fact reversed, my bad. :(

They're all 60" tall and 5 are 52" wide, and 4 are 48" wide.

They're double hung windows, not twin side by side.

Framing is wood 2x6's I believe as there is quite a bit of recess from the interior wall to where the single windows are mounted, vinyl siding on the exterior, drywall interior.

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you can get vinyl windows that size depending on the options you want the cost of the windows not installed maybe around 300 bucks apiece

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Being in Ohio, that is the most prolific state in terms of window manufacturers.

You should have your variable pick of the litter.

Polaris makes a nice unit in the UltraWeld.

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I would suggest that you look at the Cost Versus Value report, which is broken down by region. YouâÂÂll get to see the average price for windows in your area. This is an independent expert source, the opinion of appraisers and real estate agents. ItâÂÂs published by Remodeling Magazine each year.

The price you have been quoted, however, does not seem unreasonable, frankly. The average replacement window will cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 a piece. ThatâÂÂs the range in my experience.

Those cheap windows that are advertised for $189 are really sold a la carte, so you end up paying close to $500 when they include cladding, insulation, clean up and removal, etc. The âÂÂcheapâ window is going to end up costing you $500 regardless.

That said, however, before you act on this, check the companyâÂÂs references, look at the guarantee, read the fine print, and visit some of their other installations to see if you âÂÂlike what you see.â You want to be sure the window they showed you in the presentation is the same one that is delivered and installed.

And most of all, take your time. Window prices arenâÂÂt that volatile, and everyone wants your business. So surely they can lock that price/quote in for you for a little longer. 30 - 60 days would be more reasonable, if they are a reputable company.

In fact, a good company will encourage you to take the time to make an informed decision. Incentives are great, but often these âÂÂpending doomâ price increases are sales ploys to get you, the buyer, to sign a contract quickly.

If you are feeling pressured, then just back away from it. You have asked this question on this forum, which indicates that you are not feeling completely comfortable about this.

Do your research and shop around. I have included a link to the Cost Versus Value Report I recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cost Versus Value Report

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Isn't the guarantee on the window that you sell 10 years?

I agree wholeheartedly on making an informed decisions. For example, you might not want to spend over $1000 per opening on a poor performing, saw dust and vinyl window with a sub standard warranty.

Great advice.

Copied from somebody's post on another board....

The Remodeling magazine report is pretty self serving in this application as their magazine is funded by contractors. I don't take that much issue with the report beyond that because it is an evaluation tool like many other tools that should be used. If you think that their data is lock solid, you are sadly mistaken. To say you are going to get 75% of the cost of a window replacement project back without knowing the home, market, and other dynamics is quite foolhardy.

If you are holding up Consumer Reports as an evaluation tool, you are doing your customers a disservice. They rank the Alside window as one of the best. They don't list any of the other premium window manufacturers (Kolbe, Loewen, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, etc). That tool is complete bunk and only really targets larger brands (i.e. Andersen...again somewhat self serving for you, and other larger brands like Pella).

Here is a link that might be useful: Unhappy RBA customers

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Hey websnooper, did you post this in the wrong thread? You completely lost me, though I would love to know what the heck your talking about :)

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