A Christmas Wedding

fatmaxxvDecember 9, 2004

I'm planning a Christmas wedding next December... on Christmas day to be exact. However, it will not be hosted in US. (Asia, actually). So, I plan to use alot of silk flowers instead of fresh ones.

I dream of doing a Christmas wedding. Has anyone been to one that can share some pictures or ideas?

I think the theme would be in the reds/ golds (poinsettia theme). And plan to buy lots of poinsettia silks flowers, holly wreaths as table settings. Or even a holly wreath with clear glass jar filled with gold round balls. Have lots of potted silk poinsettias to set the center stage. And even include a Christmas tree with silk poinsettias as ornaments.

The little glitch I think I might face would be the table centerpiece. The dinner will be served with one dish at a time, where guests would take from the lazy susan..... I thought of having ushers pick up the centerpiece right before the food arrives, (also to ensure that I get to collect all my Christmas decor). But what are the possible potential problems with that?

Invitation cards... that's another problem. I had envision a square card (nice Red poinsettia table setting photo shot and the picture gradually fades (into ivory) in the middle...) and plan to print on red vellum paper with a ribbon at the top. Has anyone seen something close to what I'm describing?

Anyone would like to share some ideas?

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I am not familiar with how Christmas is celebrated in Asia so please forgive my question. Will you be able to get vendors on Christmas Day? In the US that would be next to impossible.

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Oh yes.... Christmas in Asia is quite the same as in the US (big cities, I mean). We have Christmas carols, radio stations play Christmas songs, Christmas decor everywhere.

Might have to an upcharge for the reception (food, waitresses, make-up artist, florists, videographers etc), but they are still open for business.

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As Nana mentioned, in the U.S. the only way that you could have a Christmas day wedding would be to have it in a private home. Merchants would not want to spend the day away from family.

As a wedding coordinator, I have done my share of Christmas weddings, and one of my sons had a Christmas wedding. One of the things that they did, and other couples have liked, is to place the gifts (assuming that you will be given gifts) under a Christmas tree.

Since using centerpieces could be a problem, have you thought about making or purchasing napkin rings in the shape of a poinsettia and placing them at each placesetting? I have made them from felt quite easily and they were good sized. If you had a number of them on each table, you might not need centerpieces. Another option, assuming that you can use candles, would be to place a votive candle at each place setting. The table would look decorated, but the lazy susan could still be used.

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I thought of having ushers pick up the centerpiece right before the food arrives, (also to ensure that I get to collect all my Christmas decor).

Are you planning to keep all the table decorations and not let everyone take them home? Knowing the answer to this might help others know what to suggest also.

Will you shop for stuff now or wait until next year? Usually Christmas decorations get picked over pretty quick, once they have a sale, all of the good stuff is gone.

Depending on when your shopping as well as where your shopping (will it be in the states), will you be traveling with your stuff? This would have a lot to do with what I would use, there is always the worry that something will get damaged in shipping or lost even.

I think I would utilize a store like Dollar Tree if your traveling with your decorations.

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