The reprieve!

poppingraysJune 29, 2009

So after my last post, SD-18 quit her new job after 5 days. She'll be staying with BM indefinitely. DH and I had dinner with SD-20 on Friday night. She's also also living with BM for the summer and said she's fed up with her sister's antics already. SD-20 gave her sis a good reference to get her the job that she quit with no notice!

SD-18 was supposed to meet DH and I for dinner on Saturday but cancelled at the last minute giving some cockamamey story about her BF's family being in from out-of-state and BF wanted her to meet them... So she ditches DH and I for that... She texts DH later and asked if she could have lunch with us the following afternoon... DH didn't respond to her. She ended up texting me later to ask if I was with her Dad... She can't stand the thought of him being peeved at her (even though it's because of her own bad choices). What's coming around is going around. I asked DH if he honestly was considering taking SD-18 to lunch and he said he was really disappointed in her and wouldn't be doing her any favors any time soon.

So I was doing my internal happy dance the whole time... I'm so relieved the drama has moved 35 minutes away, and bonus, SD-20 and I are getting along better then we ever have. I will enjoy it while I have it!

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I'm glad your getting along with other Sd.
But what if Sd18 is kicked out by mom...then what....?
IMO, even if this person got kicked out, i wouldn't take her back in any time soon if ever. she's proven way too often by her actions that she is irresponsible and a liar. she quits her job after 5 days....F'n lazy..and her sister helped her get that job and so shafts her sister and makes her look bad....loooooooser.
sorry. This to me is not about the Sd.Its about a young woman making bad choices, backstabbing her own family member to boot and will probably take advantage of her mom as much as possible.
I wonder how long it will take before her mom gives her the boot.

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organic - DH and I have already discussed the probability of SD-18 getting booted from her BM's. He's said he won't let her come rolling back in our house, and that since she's so determined to continuing screwing up, she'll have to find another place to go. I'm sure there are a few other family members or her BF's mother that she can take advantage of until she gets her butt bounced into the street. For their sakes, I pray it doesn't happen. SD-18 is really blowing it!

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