Jon and Hate Gosselin divorce

doodlebooJune 23, 2009 I know this has nothing to do with Step Famillies but apparently it very well might in the very near future.

Can you imagine blending THAT family?! Holy God!

The first time I ever saw this show was in the recovery room after having Layla. Both J and I thought that Kate was a control freak. She had my blood pressure up after two episodes. In this particular episode it was the 4th and she wanted all the kids to be all cute and matchy. She had bought them matching R,W and B short sets but it was cold that day. When Jon got coats for the kids she got irrate becasue the damn coats didn't match the outfits!

She b*tched and moaned that he got the "ugly" coats and they didn't match for five minutes.

She also expected these kids to walk in a nice single file line holding on to a stupid rope and walk a half a mile to show off the cutesy little outfits (the kids were crying because they were cold by the way)and when Jon suggested parking closer she reamed him out and basically called him an idiot. The kids of course screamed and cried the entire walk.

OH OH OH....she also gave all of these kids little (sharp tipped) american flags to wave (attention starved much lady) which made me a nervous wreck because I just KNEW someones eyeball was going to get jabbed out. The sixtuplets were three and the twins were six. Is it just me or is this woman a little removed from reality? How dumb can you be in the name of publicity?

After two episodes of watching this woman and her unrealistic expectations and constant hen pecking and bad mouthing towards her husband....I could not stand her. When I saw tabloids saying he was cheating I was actually HAPPY for the guy. RUN JON RUN! A person can only stand being torn apart in front of millions of viewers so often before they go looking for happiness somewhere else. A guys self esteem and pride can only take so much. You start looking for validation.

Kate insisted continuing with the current season even though Jon said he wanted to call it quits and try and save the family. Now there are rumors KATE is sleeping around and judging by her MASSIVE makeover thanks to plastic surgery....I believe it. SHe damn sure didn't get all dolled up for Jon.

The poor kids are caught some where in the middle of all this and they BOTH have the audacity to say the show had nothing to do with the break up of the family. I guess at least Jon was willing to quit, Kate wouldn't even consider.

Here's hoping TLC's new hit show isn't "Jon plus wife plus two step kids plus one half sibling and Kate plus husband plus EOW step son plus half sibling plus 8 DIVIDED by two Ex's!"

What a cluster f*ck.

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OOOOPS. TYPO in the name of this post. I meant KATE not HATE LOL. Although I really am not to particularly fond of the woman.

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I completely agree with you. i found her to be overbearing , demanding and always a perfectionist...but, i have to admit with so much responsibility, you need the discipline with 8 kids cause nothing will be done. You beleive a man can organize all of that???? Sorry dont believe man can't handle 3 kids alone...jon will handle 8????? sorry. Yes she is b*tchy but with good reason for the most part.
BUT i think she has turned into a control monster because of the situation. She got lost in the responsibilities and lost her marriage in the process. And i dont think that damn show TLC helped either. Its bad enough the first 3 years are stressful with so many kids. BUT can you imagine a camera crew behind your back 24/7!!!!! WTF! Jon was right to try to quit the show and focus on the marriage. KATE turned into a showbizz control attention seeking mommy superstar. Thats the only way to describe it.
I hope for the kids sake, that the transition is doen as best as possible.
Keeping the home for the kids and rotating out was a good plan. Lets see how the new SM or new GF and new BF/ SF can handle this!!???? CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!!
The show had ALOT TO DO WITH THE BREAKUP And her personality was the big wedge in this marriage. She was sooooo negative to jon.Do you remember the episode when he was cooking and she was at her witts ends in her bedroom complaining that he's takign forever, and he can't do it and her kitchen will be messy...i mean the guy was more nervous about keeping the kitchen clean for her than cooking!!!
Nope. i foudn her to be abusive mentally towards her husband ...for shame...I was not surprised when rumors surfaces of him cheating...but i heard it was kate who was the cheater...and then jon followed suit.

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I only saw two episodes and that was all I could take. HAHAHAHAHA.

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Kate is/was not the only problem. She's just more visibly able to hate lol.

I find this whole culture of shoving your kids on a reality show to be, quite frankly, beyond disgusting.

Jon had plastic surgery as well, not just Kate. They both profited off their childrens personal private moments growing up and have yet still, made a mockery of marriage and religious values (I am not religious, but their speaking engagements at churches for $$$ meanwhile they have a contract to see other people and pretend to be married for the show) and then to televise their divorce for their children's schoolmates and community to have a microscope on some of their most personal and devestating moments.

They are both to blame and I hope TLC will do the right thing and cancel the show.

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I have never watched the show, but I have seen clips & commercials... yuck!

From what you describe... forcing kids to walk a half mile in cold weather wearing shorts? Isn't CPS watching that crap?

Those poor kids!

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I don't know about CPS, but the state of PA labor (not sure if I've got the name right) is investigating due to the child labor laws, work hours for the children etc.

Family members of Kate have been speaking out and trying to do something for a few years now. They are a huge money maker for TLC and we all know money talks.

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