marvin ultimate casement - stc and oitc values

stevew7March 18, 2011

I am considering using Marvin Ultimate Casement Wood Clad windows for my home's window replacement project, mostly based on the positive reviews from this forum!

However, I cannot find the STC and OITC values (sound performance values) with the standard LowE-II glass, and the upgraded LowE-II laminated glass. Strangely, they are not in the ADM PDF on Marvin's website. Does anyone have a document from Marvin that publishes these values?

Thanks for your help,


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Why don't you call Marvin and ask? I'm sure they can provide you with the info.

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Marvin just released the STC/OITC testing of the Ultimate casement. The standard low e (272) tested at an STC of 29 and OITC of 23. They did not test a laminated sample. Using unlike thicknesses (3/16" over 1/8") it achieved a 34/27 (which is comparable to what you would expect to get using lami but at a significant savings). Lastly for airport situations, they tested an interior storm panel with 4" air space that achieved a 46/34.
As skydawggy mentioned, you should be able to get this at your local Marvin dealer.

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