Wedding Theme Idea. Can You Share Yours?

PatriciaBrownDecember 10, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm a soon to be bride and I am really happy about this. Now, we are in the stage of planning. My fianc�e and I are thinking of the wedding them that is good for our special day. We want something which is outdoor. Hope you can give you idea guys! Thanks a lot! ^_^

And by the way, our wedding will be September of 2013. If this will help. Thanks.

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Hey girls! Please help me out here! I really need suggestions from you!!!

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Are you looking for a theme? Western? Tropic? Seasons? Beach? Mountains? Do you have hobbies?
Each one has a variety of ideas that could be inexpensive if planned ahead of time and get help. Remember YOU cannot do everything by yourself.
There are alot of books avaiable to list things, dates, etc. Barnes and Noble have some, but go on line and start your notebook NOW.
Good luck

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We are a second-marriage couple, so we had a beach wedding on Santa Catalina Island, the private beach part....very simple. One guitar player, Canon in D and Unchained Melody. Instead of a runner, we had double rows of sea shells lining the way. We all wore simple white clothing. My bouquet had ribbon streamers with tiny starfish at the ends of the ribbons. We began the ceremony at sunset, so the lighting was very beautiful. Afterward we all went to a very nice restaurant and ate and partied, then the guests took the ferry home while we stayed at a nice hotel for the night. The next day I bought silver mermaid charms for my attendants. It was completely easy, no fuss, no muss, no nerves, no drama. Maybe this would not be the way for everybody, but it worked well for us.

One thing to consider. If you plan to marry outdoors, be sure it is not too public, where people passing by cannot yell things or blow car horns, or have noisy planes overhead, sirens, etc. That's why we went to a private beach.

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Sorry you didn't get answers. It's a hard question to answer for someone you don't know.

I'm not sure why you feel you need a "theme" anyway. It's a wedding, not a prom -- the "theme" is that you are getting MARRIED!! Yay!

But if you mean a theme for decorations, I'd let the setting determine it. Is the wedding outside? Then beachy stuff for a beach wedding, foresty stuff for a woodsy park.

If it's indoors, and you are talking about centerpieces or something, choose something that means something to YOU. "Outdoors" covers a lot -- mountains? seashore? desert? When you decide what you like, you'll know.

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I'm with gellchom on this one. I've never understood the concept of "themes" for weddings, I always thought "getting married" was a sufficient theme.
You really need to pick something that appeals and has meaning to _you_. If others dictate your theme it will make your special day someone else's special day.

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Hi there....I use GW forums for other topics, but ran into this one through a google search. We got married a few years ago. We're older, so we looked at our wedding a little differently, but i can share what we did.

Rather than a theme, we thought of what we wanted to spend our money on. For us it was FOOD - REALLY GOOD FOOD. That was our starting point and drove the budget and choices for everything else. We chose a venue that allowed us to bring in our own caterer. It had a lovely patio with lights strung across in an old 1920's home.

I had one MOH and picked a nice gray dress her to complement her figure and the silver beading in my dress. I love bright pink and found some paper lanterns in the dollar bins at Michaels so we hung them between the lights and used the same color linens on the tall tables. I also found some white ones so we hung them in the rafters of the room where we had our ceremony and used white linens everywhere else. I found large vases and put about 35 carnations in two and that was our alter. I did my own flowers using pink old fashioned roses on the tables.

It was very simple and you know what? People are still talking about the food!

So my point is this...if budget is no object you can think about a theme and spend a ton of money to make it happen. If budget is a consideration, then think about what is most important, spend your money there and let everything else follow. Your guests will have a lovely time.

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Special wedding themes were a short-lived fad that has thankfully gone by the wayside. Themes are appropriate when they relate to the location, such as a beach or a western setting, or when they relate to the couple's ethnicity, such as a Scottish theme.

For outdoors, you have many options, a garden setting, floral, beach, mountain, etc. depending on the location you choose.

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Yes I also think this is difficult question to any one.I got married in a function hall with awesome decorations.

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