Okna 800 or Starmark - Splitting hairs?

barrybudMarch 22, 2014

Hello, I have been reading the window forum for a while when I wanted research RBA before making a major purchase. I am glad that I did. Thanks to the good folks here it turns out that one of the highly recommended window manufacturers is local to me.
I am looking at the Okna 800 and the Starmark. My main interest was the Starmark after seeing the cut away profile of the 900 and its solid construction. After having 10 of 13 American Craftsman windows have glass seal failures in less then 10 years, vinyl was the last way I wanted to go.

Now on to comments an questions. The other half was concerned that the composite used in the 900 was new and the long term duration is not know. Can anyone comment?

After comparing the 800 to the 900 with the deluxe XR5 glass ( I really wanted the XR9 or 10, but I couldn't convince the other half of the triple pane) the specs are very close with the 900 U-factor of .25 and the 800 at .26. What did surprise me was the air infiltration number is much better on the 800 at .01 compared to the 900 at .05.

To complicate matters the Okna site shows the 500 with the same glass has better numbers then the 800 except the draft value at .02. Am I reading that correctly?

One other question, the site also says that the window test values are different with grids between the glass. I this enough to be concerning?

So we initially signed a contract for the 800's but the 900's were only 10% more. The installer said we could change the window up to the point the measurements are sent for fabrication. BTW these windows are $800-$1000 less per window than the Renewal by Anderson and have better specs.

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The grids can only change ufactor or SHGC, not air leakage. I dont think the Ufactor changes on either of those windows if grids are added with double pane glass. In triple pane, the Ufactor changes 1 point on the 500 series.
The 800 series is a heavier extrusion than the 500, meaning it will have some more structural integrity. Dont let your experience with american craftsman sway your decision. Okna uses a much higher quality vinyl material than Andersen ( american craftsman).
As far as feeling the need for triple pane, what state are you located in ?
Ny, NJ, P.A ?

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good advice above. A few more points:
-The cellular pvc of the starmark is a proven material. Nothing to worry about.
- Between the 800dx and starmark, unless you have the need for the stainable interior, the 800 pretty much offers everything + a better air infiltration rating, and does so at a discount. The Starmark is very good no doubt, but IMO the advatages that it has are few and only apply to certain homeowners (ie: the stainable interior). If you are currently contracted for the 800's, I think that you've made a good choice.
-As mmasrel said, the ratings that are changed by grids are pretty negligible in terms of efficiency. It is primarily VT and SHGC, as the grids affect the amount of light that passes through for obvious reasons. They will not have a measurable effect on overall performance.
- On the u-factor difference between the 5 and 800, you are reading that correctly. On the 800, the foam fill is removed from the meeting rail in favor of reinforcement. This improves the structural performance, but has a very slight decrease thermally.
-Lastly, I can honestly say that you won't go wrong with any of the 3. They are all light years ahead of the other line that you had considered. .. Splitting hairs indeed.

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I prefer the 800, personally but it is just a personal preference.

Both will serve you really, really well.

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Thanks guys for the much appreciated info!

mmarse1 I am in PA about an hour from the Okna location.

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