when doing window replacements

hayley1999_99March 13, 2012

what is the best thing to do? I have 18 windows downstairs and 5 windows upstairs and 2 windows in the basement I want to replace, I believe they might be original to the house 1912. To help save on cash should I find the windows myself? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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First, get a budget in mind.

Then call out some local window companies.

Check out their products and prices.

Then come back and post up what you find.

Thats were I would start.

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hayley, I have a window buying "cheat sheet" that I send out to potential clients. Its completely objective and meant to help you find a good product with out getting stuck listening to high-pressure sales pitches. Feel free to email me if you'd like a copy... Otherwise, Andrew offers a good start above. :)

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whatever you do make sure its a quality window brand, there are some high quality vinyl windows available but they are not sold at home depot or lowes.
depending on where you are located you could look at okna, sunrise, gorell, or soft lite windows.
second, make sure an actual window experts installs them and not some handyman.

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Windows on Washington


In order to guarantee that you get a good install, deal with a professional on it and vet their work.

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