Help choosing non-brown roof for fake Tudor

abc123xxyyAugust 6, 2014

I live in a "fake Tudor". (It's from the 70s.). It is very very brown. Roof, trim, doors, gutters, downspouts, garage door, vertical cedar siding on 1/2 of first floor (wrapping around the garage). The rest of the exterior is brown-red brick on the other half of the first floor and a cream-colored fake stucco with brown trim on the second floor.

The roof is being replaced in a few weeks due to age and condition. I'm not up to doing it this year, but the cedar siding is also in bad shape. Many of the boards need to be replaced, and they don't even make those sites board anymore. I am leaning towards replacing it with a Hardie board in the future. I am not a fan of all of the brown. I do not like to spend that much money on more brown, so I am looking to pick a roof color that goes with the brown that I have to live with for now, but will also go with a nice gray or blue when I replace the siding. I realize at that point, I will have to paint the trim and the gutters and downspouts and garage doors, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

It's going to be a GAF Timberline HD roof. I am thinking about Pewter Gray or Fox Hollow Gray. The Fox Hollow appeals more, but I'm worried that it's too light, will show stains, and just might not look right with the brown. I was originally drawn to the Williamsburg Slate, but I fear that the reddish aspect of it will just be out of place.

Any advice on these colors, or others I might have missed? I tried to use the GAF Photo creator site. I struck out on two counts: it wouldn't do anything with the photo I uploaded, it just completely malfunctions. And then I clicked on a picture of the Tudor example that's closest to my house but the link led to an entirely different house.

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Or maybe birchwood?

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You say you're planning a siding change/paint job in the future. But frankly I think a light or medium pure gray roof wouldn't look right with what you've got now, and what if you can't make the future changes? Could you live with a color clashing roof for several years?

I know you're sick of brown, but...the GAF Timberline American Harvest series has enough brown/gray color blends to swing with either a brown or gray siding. And the pure browns are really beautiful too:

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Probably too bold for you, but maybe consider red or a soft green roof too. I was in Maine recently and enjoyed the red roofed houses with gray or brown or white siding:

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Classic black roof.

Gray siding.

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Black appeals but am worried about energy efficiency. Am in Midwest. Also, think the gray would go better with the currently existing brown.

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Look at GAF Weathered Wood shingles. This color is a nice mix of brown and gray, with a tilt to mossy gray green. I don't have a great picture of it, but try it on the website on any house, taupe, brown or gray. I totally agree with awm03, to use a mix of brown and gray. The problem with shingles is looking at a sample does not give you the true picture of a roof from the ground.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd go for a greenish gray roof that looks like slate. A lot of old tudor homes had slate roofs...and some of them were actually quite colorful....

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Annie Deighnaugh

This is GAF Timberline Slate

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We have been renovating a brick ranch of that era, that while not a fake tudor, had definite tudor influences (leaded diamond pane windows, brown trim, brown roof, interior beams, etc.). There are a lot of 20s era tudor style homes in my town including one right across the street from me so I think the architect was giving a nod to this when designing this house.

We agonized over what to put on the roof. I originally wanted black or grey, but it just didn't work with the brick. The architect involved with the remodel suggested weathered wood, but I stubbornly refused to consider it. Instead we bought and tried bundle after bundle of various colors on the roof, and nothing worked but the weathered wood. I'm actually quite happy with it now! We changed the trim color to a light off white, and added green/grey shutters. The new front door is mahogany stained dark walnut.

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Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all of the suggestions. The slate had actually caught my eye. It does read green, for sure, which doesn't inherently bother me, but makes me nervous in context. So scary picking something so visible, expensive and permanent!

The point about when I may choose to do the siding is a good one. It's quite expensive by the time it all gets added in. And frankly, it's been difficult to get the attention of contractors and painters. It took so long to pick a roofer that I really lost energy on the siding even if the finances hadn't been an issue. I lack the expertise to know what absolutely needs to be replaced right away, and what can be fixed or wait. And I'm just not trusting answers I get from the contractors, to the extent I get answers at all. They're more likely to just send a massive estimate replacing everything. I may choose to replace a few old windows at the same time, so I absolutely could end up waiting a while, although the state of the siding makes me nervous in terms of how long I can reasonably wait.

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I grew up in a Tudor with a slate roof (not the multi-color), so that's what I would suggest.. but then I haven't seen your house. It was more the color of Nantucket Morning, posted above.

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OP here: phone won't let me post more than one picture at a time. But in driving around, I happened to find a house very similar to mine with the exact color scheme that I would like to have in the future. The design of my house is very similar. The brick is in the same family. It has less variation -- it doesn't get as light but at the dark end, it's about as dark.

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I wasn't successful finding a still ��" brown fake tutor with a non-��" brown roof, but I did find one. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a great picture of it, but you can see here that it's essentially dark gray and it's definitely not brown. Any thoughts on this one? This is basically how my house would look until I get around to changing the siding and the trim.

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Last one for now. This is the closest thing I could create on the GAF site to a brown house with a pewter gray roof. They do have a model house that looks like mine, but the link is broken.

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I actually like the darker gray roofs shown in your last pictures and think they look fine with the brown and brick. The brown and greens look like they are too much the star of the show, where the grays look like the color a roof should be (to my eye) and so fade into the background to me.

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