Jeld Wen Siteline EX, Lincoln or Sierra Pacific double pane?

JunepoMarch 9, 2013

All windows are aluminum clad and wood inside with divided line. And I plan to use 1 1/8 mullions. But which brand is better: Jeld Wen, Lincoln or Sierra Pacific?

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Those three are all below average at best in my opinion. Which one is best of this lot, don't really know what to say to that without more information. What type of window and quantity are you using, where your building and what are your expectations of these windows and lastly what your budget is? 1 1/8" muntins (muntins is the correct term as mullion is typically the process of joining units together) do not tell us anything, are these grids, simulated divided light, true divided light?

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not a fan of those choices either. IF you must chose from those, maybe the Jeld-Wen Siteline, which uses extruded clad vs. the weak roll form clad that others use to keep the cost down might be a positive point. IF you could, take a look at the Marvin Integrity.

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Windows on Washington

Listen to MWM...he knows wood windows like it is his job (HA!). all seriousness, MWM knows his stuff when it comes to wood. I would listen to his advice very carefully.

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Sierra by far- unless it is top of the line Jeld wen- read about the paint finishes.. 30 year warranty on SP- by far the best. Lincoln is so so and the cheap jeldwens are not good.

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Blazinj, you do realize this is a TWO year old post! And Sierra may be the best of those three but it is still a the very bottom of anyone who knows windows list! And trufully top of the line Jeldwen is still a pretty poor window.

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