25th Wedding Gift Idea????? Please Help

msfingers2November 12, 2006

Well, my brother has asked if I will pick out something for his wife of 25 years, since he's not that great at shopping.

He hasn't listed a price... yet, but I would like to get my SOL something nice. Any ideas would be helpful.

They got married a little later in life, so they're 68 years old.

Thanks for ANY help you can give me. I'm stymied!!!

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Jewelry or a watch is my first inclination. Depending on the amount you have to spend, an anniversary ring is a beautiful gift. But if I were the wife, I'd feel weird knowing you picked it out instead of the husband. I hope he goes with you, then he could say, msfingers helped me pick this out for you, which would be a lot nicer than her thinking he just sent you out on an errand he didn't feel like running. This may not be the case and she may know he doesn't like to shop, but I think it still makes a difference that HE personally buys it for her, even if it's with your "help".

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I agree with Lowspark completely. Your brother should play the major role in picking out the gift.

I like jewelry or a great watch too. If it's in the budget, go to a jewelry store, not a dept. store. It would be nice to have something she could wear often so she could say to her friends, "Hubby gave me this for our anniversary."

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Thanks so much for your help!!
And that is a great idea that you gave me about the watch.
I can go to the jewelry store, pick out something I think she would like, and then have him come with me -- to pay for it -- and have them inscribe something -- can they do that?? -- to let her know that he had at least some participation in this!!
Thanks for your help!! Only a brother could make you do this, no?? -- Well, maybe that's not true, a husband, or your kids could try to pull this on you, too!!
Thanks again for your help.

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For sure, do it WITH him, not FOR him. I would feel so hurt if I found out my husband treated our 25th anniversary (coming up next July!) like a chore to be farmed out.
BUT -- I certainly wouldn't mind his getting expert help -- in fact, for my 40th birthday, I told our friend what I was hoping for (a briefcase) and she helped him pick out a gorgeous one. He and I both appreciated that!

Besides, you two will have fun. I know my brother and I would. When is the last time you were shopping with him? Have him take you out for a nice lunch to thank you for your help, while you're at it!

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yes, they can inscribe a watch. Sic your brother on the task of looking at the watches she's got, bcs people sometimes have strong preferences about:
-style of numbers (some people really want every little number on there; some hate Roman numerals, others like them; some people are OK w/ tic marks only, and some are OK w/ no number, or only the big 4--12,3,6,9)
-second hand, or no second hand?
-shape of face (though people don't have as strong a preference as they do for stuff like second hands, numbers, etc.)

Then he'll really be involved in the gift.

25th anniversary is silver; I'm not sure how easy it is to get a sterling-silver or silver-plated watch. And that's anothe area in which people have strong preferences--some people only like gold tones, others prefer silver; others don't care. He should look in her jewelry box (or better yet, on her wrist & neck & ears, bcs sometimes people HAVE stuff but don't WEAR it), and see if she has a preference. It'd be a shame to buy her a watch she never wears.

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Good point about the different types of watches, TalleySue. It also brought to mind that as people get older, they might need a face large enough to read if their near-vision is getting worse. Another thing he might be more in tune to than you.

Oh, and I love gellchom's idea of lunch after shopping. Great brother-sister time.

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I'd rather have a nice romantic vacation than another piece of jewelry. I guess I have to wait another 10 years though!

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I agree, Meghane. We are planning a special vacation for our 25th anniversary (and my 50th birthday, the same month -- what bad planning, eh?). My brother and brother-in-law and maybe some other friends are coming, too -- not as romantic, but more fun.

Partly because our anniversary, birthdays, and Mothers and Fathers Days all come very close together, and partly because it seems to fit the idea of a wedding anniversary, we have always gotten something together that we both want for our anniversary rather than exchanging gifts. Thinking back, I think we've enjoyed those "gifts" the best anyway.

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For our 25th anny, Wayne planned a trip to England and Scotland. We went this past summer. It was fantastic! We both turned 50 this year so it was a combination birthday and anny present. If it is in the budget you might suggest a trip some where. It doesn't have to be as extravagent as ours was. Maybe a weekend at a spot your sil has always wanted to visit. Maybe a trip to the ocean or a lodge. Something nice that will make her 25th anniversary memorable. NancyLouise

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I think that a ring would be the ideal gift. This is a ring that I recently received myself, and I am absolutely in love with:
I love that it is so basic, but has a lovely design engraved onto it. You might be able to find something like it at your local jeweler. Good luck!

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