Is there any need to visit a wedding show

AnnFleNovember 22, 2005

Is there any reason to go to a Wedding show

Its wedding show season again, targeting couples who will be married in the next year like a hunter targets his prey.

Why October you ask, the reason for this type of show coming at this time of year has a simple answer, the same answer as why do they come in February?

The wedding season is at an end.

Apart from the very few who couples who prefer the autumnal wedding with the vast array of autumnal colours and even fewer who want to get married during the festive season the majority wed between March and September in the bright and sunny UK, I donÂt believe I said that!

Some couples plan to marry in another country, I always feel as if these are the only couples who have thought about what they want for their wedding and not what everyone else expects them to have.

Back to the reason for this article, this is the slack period, the time to drum up interest for next years business, the time to capture couples deposits before they have time to look around and find a supplier equally as good at a better price, time to prey on the ill informed, the lazy, the people trying to arrange everything before spending what is left on Christmas presents for friends and family.

I had the pleasure to visit the wedding show at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow at the end of October, this is unusual in itself as I would rather find something different rather that go for "the same as everyone else", we are individuals after all are we not?

What I found at this wedding show was "the same as everyone else", It did not matter what type of stand you went to, whether it was a wedding gown stand, a cake makers or even invitations, they all offered the same over priced articles.

Overpriced may not be a harsh enough word in my opinion, day light robbery come to mind.

Lets take wedding gowns for instance, the same wedding gowns can be bought at a lower price in a number of High Street stores if you shop around.

Invitations seem to be created by everyone and their grandmother now, you only need to look on the internet to find around 250,000 companies, If not more, creating invitations.

In fact most will create invitations, favours. place name cards, order of service cards, menu cards, t-shirts, underwear, etc, etc, etc.

You will find photographers who offer the best photographs you can buy, they should be because you will probably pay double the cost of finding a local photographer who will produce the same quality for half the price.

I found wedding cake makers, the worst examples at the wedding show.

Totally extortionate, daylight robbery, at least Dick Turpin had the sense to wear a mask, these people have no shame, ItÂs a cake for god sake, a decoration, made from cake ingredients not 18 carat gold.

Most prices ranged between really expensive to down right re-mortgage your home.

The majority of wedding cakes are made from a combination of fruit and sponge tiers covered in a soft icing or royal icing.

There is nothing mysterious about a wedding cake, In fact the only difference from any other cake is the word wedding, this word seems to imply that wedding cake makers can justify charging the earth for a cake.

Sorry for wandering a bit but the main reason for the high prices of these services are, you the wedded to be are forking out your hard earned cash to attend these shows, then you pay the cost of these companies attending these shows, your helping to pay their rent and rates, your paying for these companies because the cost of attending these shows has to be found somewhere and as is sods law itÂs the public who pay.

Now the solution, at last I hear you say, forget the wedding shows, try searching for yourself, go and look at the small shop just down the street to see what they have to offer, surf the internet and find what your looking for, ask friends and family if they know anyone who provides the services you are looking for.

You would never purchase a house without looking at a few areas first, you would not buy a car without visiting a number of garages, you wouldnÂt buy a mobile phone without searching about for the best deal.

Then why look in one place for all your wedding needs?

In need of a excellent wedding service supplier, I have added a small list of companies below who have proved they offer a quality service at a reasonable price, I will add more as I find them so call back to see.

Cakes By Ann

Memories Photography

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Not another one! I thought ivillage deleted ads like this. I know the previous owner did. I don't even bother going to the sites they list. If you want to advertise there is a specific place for it on this site. Please put your ads there were they are allowed. NancyLouise

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