Kids in the wedding............

SunnyDJNovember 24, 2012

I'm the coordinator for our local church and I just got home from what I'd almost call "The wedding from h---".....The bride and groom were older, had dated in HS, he then went on to marry and she remained single...His wife passed away after 29 yrs. and 5 years ago, he rediscovered his HS girlfriend....Anyhow, he is now a grandfather and her sister has small children and of course they all had to be in the wedding.....The grandchild wasn't too bad but the MOH's twins, aged 3 were really bad...They were to go to their dad and he would take them to the cry room but no, they wanted Mommy and that's where they went...Our Priest loves kids and at one point, he did remark, it's OK, there's nothing they can break! Well, when the 2 of them layed down in front of the altar and started banging their feet up and down, that's when the Dad should have stepped in and taken them out but didn't! What could have been a very special wedding was spoiled by these uncontroled kids....I've seen this so many times and I'm sorry but you really do have to set a age limit...Oh they look so cute in their tux or party dress, BUT, it's supposed to be the bride's day, not everyone watching what the kids will get into next........

Just passing along an experience.......

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I have seen more than one wedding ruined by little children. It's one of those ideas that sounds good but rarely works out well. Small children really have no idea what they are doing and you can't blame them, but personally I feel that all the planning and work, plus the emotional and spiritual meaning of a marriage ceremony should not be sacrificed so the kids can participate. (Of course you could always wait until they grow up and throw a tantrum at THEIR wedding...)

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The way I have seen it work well is for the children to walk down the aisle but not stand through the ceremony. Rather, they sit in a front or near-front row with some appropriate relative who is ready there to collect them when they get there (and take them out if necessary).

Children of three or younger are pretty unpredictable. Even well-behaved ones can be overwhelmed by a wedding. But the problem then isn't the children -- it's the adults in charge of them who don't scoop them up and leave if they become disruptive.

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lol i've seen a lot of these myself. kids are cute, but left uncontrolled they get annoying

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there should be a law, no children under 5 in a wedding. I don't know why people insist on doing this. I've NEVER seen it go well. And what's with the group of toddlers in a wagon going down the aisle? How are they participating in the wedding. I recently went to a wedding where there was one flower girl - 10 years old - and it was such a welcome change. She did what she was supposed to do and the focus was on the bride. As it should be. If you can't already tell, this is a real pet peeve of mine!

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