What type of replacement windows to buy

stacy_123March 17, 2014

I have been reading all the posts in this forum and still cannot decide what type of windows are best for our house. I just want white window frames, energy efficient and low maintenance windows to replace our old single pane aluminum windows. We live in Southern CA (Santa Ynez Valley) and have heat and cold and lots of wind and occasionally rain. I have never seen any vinyl windows that I like but because we want to replace all our windows and sliding doors (18 windows and 4 sliding doors) I am considering vinyl. The only quote I have gotten so far is for Loewen aluminum clad windows. It was really expensive but they did look great. Can anyone recommend a type of window and brand I should check out also. We have no experience with this as it is our first time replacing windows.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

No worries.

Don't put any sort of artificial schedule on yourself. Take your time and make an informed and rationalized decision.

What you describe (white frame, energy efficiency, low maintenance, etc.) is a vinyl window.

No you just have to find a quality unit that looks good and have it installed by a competent contractor.

Anlin, Milgard, and Amerimax are all brands I have heard of on the West Coast.

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Seems like you're close to Santa Barbara, I'd try to find a supplier that is specific to Windows and doors. They tend to be more knowledgeable and can help you better inform your decision (and take care of the product after it's sold). DMI windows is in your area. If not them, most window suppliers have a few different brands they work with that could fit your needs.

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Others have posted on this site saying that Anlin vinyl windows - made in Fresno CA - get some pretty good reviews.

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Simonton is a good option to consider in areas of the country where premium vinyl windows aren't available.

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Depends on what type of atmosphere you are living?

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Replacement windows have the ability to dramatically cut of energy costs. So by installing them you can cut of money drastically. Who doesnâÂÂt want to cut costs? Cheapest one among them is vinyl replacement windows which provide good insulation and it doesn't require any maintenance. But they canâÂÂt be painted, so u need to stick on to the original color. Wooden replacement windows are the most appealing ones but they also require much maintenance and care. When we had a small renovation last month at home, we replaced our vinyl windows with wood ones. Hired windowschoice.ca for doing the installation work.

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Replacement windows do NOT dramatically cut energy. Their payback is decades long. Plent of good reasons to put in replacement windows, but that's not one of them. Google it.

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@ BlakelyProperties, making a blanket statement like that is dangerously close to the blanket statement that they DO. Every home is different and the amount of savings seen will vary depending on the original windows, the product and installation used for replacement, along with other factors of the home. I will agree with what I believe is the intent of your post however, in that consumers are wise to think twice about the claims made by some unscrupulous window salesmen. Manufactures and dealers alike have been cracked-down on in recent years for their highly exaggerated energy savings "guarantees", and other such misleading advertising.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

"Google it"...?

Is Google of the bastion of unbiased information?

Blakely...you statement is probably a bit broad based and based, in large part, on the thermal part of the equation only.

When you start looking at poorly sealed and leak windows, that math can go out the door.

That being said, if anyone makes a claim that you can save "X" dollars, they need to have their head examined.

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