Marvin Ultimate windows?

KennyPowersMarch 27, 2011

Hello all! I couldn't find my old account on here so I created a new one, love this site!

We are in the process of replacing all the wood windows in our home with new ones! We had Pella and Marvin both give us bids on replacing all the windows, both bids were close in price. The Marvin Ultimate casements came in a little lower then Pellas Architect casement windows.

Guess I am stuck on which window to go with. We were very impressed with the feel and look of both windows. I have read just about everything posted online about windows, head is going to explode soon! We want windows that are going to last a long time and hold up to the weather in CO. Is the clad on the Marvin line that great? Will the color be there in 20 years? Both Marvin and Pella bad mouthed each other about the quality of the cladding.

Thanks for your help!

Before you ask, YES I spoke with Anderson about giving us a bid and they were very rude with me on the phone, called my house over 15 times in less then a week!

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The fact that they are close in price makes it a slam dunk decision.

Usually, the Marvins are more expensive and the customer needs to justify the premium. Same price....Marvins.

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I agree with WOW. If you are looking at a darker color, Marvin's extruded aluminum with Kynar finish will far out last the Pella roll formed on the sash with Enduraclad finish. It really is a slam dunk (aren't we in the midst of March madness?)!

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I would rank them Marvin - 1, Andersen - 2, and Pella - 3.

When you said that you tried to get a quote on Andersen I'm guessing that you meant Renewal by Andersen - that was probably your mistake.

I'd contact a regular Andersen distributor to get pricing and recommendations for an installer. I'm not sure who you got the Marvin quote from but they might also quote Andersen for you?

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Thanks for the help! Yes, we are looking at a darker color for the exterior. You're right dennisgli, I filled out a request on Renewals website to get an estimate done, my mistake!

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A family friend told us to check the warranty with Marvin about the altitude warranty. Since we live above 5000 feet, aprox altitude here is 5400ft, can someone explain to me what they mean? The dealer I have been talking to never said anything about this.

Thanks again for all the help and info!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

He is referring the to glass warranty against seal failure. The glass will have to come with breather tubes in the IGU so as to equalize pressure and prevent pressurized seal failure.

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