We Had A Tough Time

jeffdeblaseNovember 21, 2005


Not being a member of any church, made it hard to find a minister to perform our ceremony. One local Pastor wouldn't marry us, being previously married and living together prior to marriage. Another Pastor refused to marry us because we were not members of his church. It was difficult to find a minister locally. But we did find an on line wedding officiant service to marry us. The officiant came right to our house and performed a beautiful ceremony in the presence of family and friends. We highly reccommend www.canalopeweddings.com for anyone who may have a similiar situation.

jeff and cindy

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My gut hunch told me that this post was from a vendor. I went to the site to the "contact us" portion and lo and behold the contacts were Jeff and Cindy Deblase.
Please.....this is very insulting to everyone's intelligence when you try to convince us you are here passing along helpful information from your own wedding, when in fact, you are a vendor lying thru your teeth to get some free advertising.
Do you honestly think we would take the time to recommend you now to people we know who are getting married when you feel it is necessary to lie about your business? I don't think so. If you are dishonest at this level, you may very well be dishonest in other business dealings. This was a bad judgement call on your part, Jeff.

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It sure seems like we're getting a lot of these lately. It's weird.

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I think it is because posters no longer have to be paying members. I know over on the KT people are writing letters to iVillage requesting to go back to mandatory memberships for contributors. In the past 2 weeks there has been an influx of trolls posting.

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Are there no moderators to stop the trolls?

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wedding forum wasn't restricted to paid members only. But, I also believe that the opening of the other forums has drawn attention to vendors.


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It seems like there should be moderators who keep an eye on posts for legitimacy and who can delete offending messages. I'm a moderator on another site and when I log in, I see a star beside each new post, so I can quickly check them. It only takes a minute or two to do so.

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Sweet Pea,

There is a way to notify a moderator, I think it was from the members page. I sent a notice for two post from a vendor on this site and on the entertainment site (same vendor) the entertainment site removed the ads immediately, this site a day or so later. However, I've sort of enjoyed reading the comments we all have posted on this! Do you think the OP has checked back to see what we have been saying?


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I read this post becasue we too are looking for someone to perform the service. It is VERY sad when trolls step in but unfortunately trolls will go into all forums paid and non paid. I think the forums should remain open to all as many of us are on very limited budgets but still would like to chat, learn and give ideas. While this wedding is an important part of our lives and will take up the next 9 months, I will be a frequent flyer here, but after that I will probably check in occassionally as I am not a wedding planner etc. Just a mom hoping to make my daughter's day special. It is the same with the garden aspect of ivillage. We have long winters here and so there is no reason to be on there all the time. People get annoyed when folks post unrelated topics and I respect that. The only forum I am on all year round is a pond forum that has a chit chat section where we can talk about anything. Just my two cents.
On the topic though....does anyone know the laws in Canada regarding a garden service?

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I don't know much about Canada. But, over on the cooking forum, there is a chat area and several regular posters who are from Canada. They might know a bit more about what you are looking for!

Good luck with your wedding planning. I first started posting here years ago when my nephew was getting married. Hung out over the years because of other events and now we just had our first "sit down" meeting of our DD and her new fiance. But, they are "years" from finial plans.


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