gift for a ring bearer?

yorkibearNovember 2, 2006

I need you guys help again. We are planning a wedding to be held in the next 3 weeks and have hit a blank wall on what to give as a gift for a 3 year old ring bearer, a 2 1/2 yr old flower girl and a 2/12 yr old bell ringer that will walk down the aisle with his twin, the flower girl. We don't really want to do toys because they just break. And the kids probably have it all anyway. My son and his bride to be want it to be something special to thank these kids for being in the wedding but just what is special to children of this age? Any suggestions for something they may think as something special as they grow older and realize they were very special to this couple to be in their wedding? Making or crafting anything is out of the question. Need something to purchase that is not too costly. Thanks everyone.

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Special to a 2-3 year old, which isn't a toy, and will grow with them? Other than a puppy, I don't think you will find one item hitting all those requirements.

I'd break it down into two gifts. One would be a toy to appreciate immediately. The second might be a picture of the bride and groom with each child for appreciation in years to come. If you mail the photo with a letter of thanks to the children it would be a big hit.


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We gave our 3-year-old ring bearer a Mickey Mouse watch (that was 1982; perhaps Dora or Bill would be better now, but maybe a plain one would be even better, because it's so grown up). It was a big hit. He couldn't tell time, of course, but he loved wearing it and showing it to everyone.

I think children LOVE things that seem very grown up to them. A watch is good for a boy or a girl, and you can get inexpensive ones easily. If you don't like that idea, how about a CD, book, or jewelry? I wouldn't worry about it being something that will last.

This is a good errand to farm out to one of those people who is saying, "What can I do to help?"

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my 7-y-o loved his silver ID bracelet; I wonder if littler kids would like it too?

I agree w/ Duckie & Gellchom--hard to hit all those notes w/ a 3-y-o. And they love feeling grownup, and being in the wedding is pretty grownup!

The flower girls will of course want to take their baskets home w/ them.

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Things remembered has some cute, and special things for children. You can have them personalized which makes the kids feel even cooler. My nephew loves his noah's arc piggy bank because it has his name on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Things Remembered

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They have great coloring books to explain their role in the Wedding (flower girls & ring bearers). We gave ours a camera, it was about $30 and looked grown-up. I included a scrapbook (htey have boyish ones too) to create a project out of it. It was a BIG hit!

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i agree with the watch. my son was, if i remember right, 4, when he was my sister's ring bearer. they gave him the neatest GI Joe watch and he loved it. it started his appreciation of watches.

if you are going with a picture, i would do a kid's drinking cup/mug or a t-shirt (with a neat saying about having the gold or something like that) or even a picture puzzle. all the film developing stores do little novelties like that with the exception of the shirt.

good luck,

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