Height of transom for 8 foot ceiling

ontariomomMarch 21, 2013

We continue to plod along on our reno/addition project. Currently we are living in a shelled in house. We are stuck with a window in my laundry/craft room that I would love to be lower so I could place a table underneath and fold sort laundry while looking out (it has a nice view too). It is a very new high quality fiberglass window (half operable window/half fixed casement style). However the window is higher than even a kitchen counter height window (45" off ground). One suggestion a designer made was to put a transom over this window and lower it. The cladding material, while nearly done, happens not to be done around this window so not a huge deal to re-install the window and place a transom above at this stage.

My question given the window dimensions are 37 inches tall, and 39 inches across (when measured from outside the jam extensions) can I get away with ordering a transom and essentially bumping the window down with transom on top? All the other windows in our 8 foot house have a consistent header above which I believe will be around 14 inches once trim is installed (right now at the shelled in house state with no drywall, trim etc I measure 16 inches above top of jam extension to i-joist ceiling. I am proposing to place this transom higher than the top of the other windows so the spot where window and transom meets will not be at eye level (in other words I want glass at eye level when standing). Any recommendations on this scenario, or is it ill advised?

Looking forward to your help again.


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I have not seen this done in an 8' ceiling without having the horizontal mullion at eye level. With a proper header and the minimum height associated with a transom, it ends up smack dab in your line of sight. The only way to fix that would be to make the transom taller (meaning that it extends lower, not higher because it can't), but that really kills the appearance IMO. At that point, it really doesn't even look like a transom anymore.

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Thanks Homesealed for your caution. We have been told by the framer that he can install the transom higher up than the other windows. I would like to lower the window around 9 inches, but could compromise to 5-6 inches lower. I don't want the transom to be taller than typical for a transom. What is the typical height of a transom?


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Depends on the frame size but you typically don't want to see a glass size of less than 12". Starts to look prison'ish at that point.

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Thanks WOW. This weekend I will sketch out what the window transom will look like and post again for your opinions.


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