Re-do mosaic table top

Upstate23CJune 22, 2013

I want to re-do my outdoor wrought iron mosaic table top, not knowing it should have been brought in during the winter freeze/thaw, the top is in a shambles. I started with a chisel and hammer to remove all the damaged terra cotta tile and mortar, after getting about half way around just the border, I was exhausted. What Power tool is the best one to use for this? The top of the table is wrought iron also. Thank you!

P.S. I think I posted this in the wrong place before, I'm new here, and getting my bearings!! Thanks!

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My goodness. Sounds like you did a great job on the mosaicing, if it's that hard to take off. I haven't used one, but how about a grinder? Ask your local tile store the best way. I'm afraid I w/toss the table and buy another one.

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How about just leveling it out with a new layer of mortar ?

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You and I think alike, NT. I thought of saying that, but got to thinking that w/be a whoooooooole lot of weight on the table. Worth a try, though.

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If the tabletop is small enough (less than 4 feet across) you might cut a piece of Wediboard (because it's light weight and weatherproof), apply a thick coat of thinset to one side of it, (thick enough to level everything out) and squash it down on top of the whole mess. Then re-mosaic, using thinset as the adhesive. The problem with this would be that you would have to deal with a whole new edge, higher up than the original wrought iron edge. The new edge would need to be sealed with thinset.

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