OT: Formal evening jewelry alternatives?

imaginusOctober 27, 2004

SORRY for the off-topic in advance, and please redirect me if you can.

I know weddings tend to be formal, and I've attended very few formal occasions, so I hoped you might be able to help me with a question of evening attire.

DH and I are off to England, roughhouseing with the hounds and participating in hunts. Apparently, there's a chance we may be asked to an after-party. Of course, I have no idea what to expect (we're the doggy set- not the horsey set, and from Canada) and so I'm planning to bring a sleeveless, scoop-neck navy knit dress that hits just below the knee and some strappy navy satin sandals. Both are quality items. But the scoop neck especially begs for decoration, and I want to avoid fake pearls or a fake flower.

Could I wear a real flower corsage that I buy down there- even a poinsetta (it'll be the last week of November)? I'm 37 years old and want something fun but not goofy, and definitely not fake or pretentious.

Thanks so much- I'm a tech writer and I hang around with engineers and our beagles- I haven't a clue and appreciate any suggestions;-)

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I guess I think of corsages as meant for proms and grandmothers at weddings, though I suppose there's no reason you shouldn't wear one.

I'd prefer some fairly large jewelry made of beads and semi-precious stones. I see these a lot at arts fairs, on E-bay, and in catalogs such as Coldwater Creek.

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I agree with Joann. Have you considered sapphires - real or faux? They would look lovely with the navy. As for poinsettias, you would have to use a silk one for a corsage since real ones don't hold up as cut flowers, plus they have a white, sticky fluid in the stems that would get all over your clothing. Just the right necklace and earrings would look great.

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Don't forget your hat! You can't go to anything in England that involves horses (or a wedding) without a hat.
Have fun!


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Thanks so much for the ideas! My DH recommended we wait until we're there to search for "unique" jewelry, but I found a beautiful navy silk cabbage rose and a rhinestone pin for the center at Nordstrom's last weekend. I'll "test drive" it at a wedding this weekend - much appreciated!

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Also think scarf.....or what's very trendy now a poncho. I saw some very pretty lacy/glittery ones this week.
Linda C

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I would avoid the flowers - we don't generally go in for corsages etc except for weddings. Not worn at other formal affairs. I would go for something that looks vaguely antique if you don't have anything already. there are lots of pretty filigree, or jet or similar types of things.

And hats are strictly for daytime formal affairs!

Do you have a British host? If so, I would definitely ask their opinion: some hunt balls can be incredibly smart (ballgowns, and white tie for the chaps) while some are much less 'stuffy'. You need to know.

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