Mesh ?'s for mosaic

curbdiver1954June 26, 2008

From my stash of...stuff, yea, that's the family-friendly word for it....from my life before mosaics took over, I have unearthed a partial roll of rug hooking mesh (about 1/4" squares), some netting (like is used for petticoats on dolls), and some needlepoint canvas/mesh (don't know the count per inch on this one...14/inch I think). Can I use any of these as a backing for a mosaic project? Thinking of trying my hand at gluing to mesh, then thinsetting the mesh on backerboard for behind the stove....just thinking, so far, and want to use what I've got in case I decide I don't like the method....


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I've never done it, but I don't see why you couldn't, with any or all of them!

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I think it would work fine, There's a professional here who uses landscape cloth to glue his pieces on. Works great,

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Yeah, that'd work. Recycle all you can find that fits your purpose. I've been toying w/the mesh idea for beads. There's some wonderful bead designs that w/work well just to plunk a whole design into the mosaic. I was thinking of the sticky mesh they use to cover seams in sheetrock - got some somewhere. I'm sure you'll keep us posted on your backsplash.

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Hi, I am thingking about doing my first attempt at a mosaic & was thinking about using vinal/plastic window screen as my backing for my mosaic. Note I want to make a mosaic for decorating a pool & thought this may work.

I fiugred the plastic/vinal window screen material would not be effected by the pool enviroment & yet should allow the mosaic to be attached to the pool surface with out any problems.

Apreciate any feedback on what process others use with their mosaic projects.

CharO, Central FL.

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