Has anybody married at the Bellagio Hotel?

scarlett2001October 7, 2004

No, I'm not advertising for them, but looked at their website and they seem to have a lot of packages. I'm not close to Las Vegas so was wondering if anybody knows first hand? Looking for something nice, not ...well, you know, no Elvis impersonators or plastic flowers.

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I have stayed at the Bellagio and it's gorgeous. Very classy hotel. They have a beautiful atrium area with a staircase that would be beautiful for a wedding, but I'm not sure if thats where their weddings are.

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I've been wondering about that too. I've never been there, but the pictures seem really pretty.

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The Bellagio is a beautiful and elegant hotel with an amazing indoor garden (at least the last time I was there) - I went to a wedding there once and it was nice. The thing you need to remember, if you've never been to Vegas, is that all those hotels on the Strip (Bellagio, MGM, etc.) have hordes of people walking through them constantly. People staying there, casino visitors, and tourists just checking the place out. The crowds don't usually go where the weddings are held, but you will have to deal with them in the lobby and the other public areas. Personally, I wouldn't want to have a wedding there because I hate crowds - places like that are not relaxing to me.

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Also remember that there are no no-smoking restrictions that I could see at the hotels. And they REEK. The stench is everywhere, even where there's not a cloud of smoke overhead. If you don't like cigarette smoke, you should really stay a night or two at the hotel so you can see what it's like. I had to take 3 showers a day just so I could breathe around my own hair. All my clothes stunk to high heaven. It was the most disgusting part of my trip to LV.

The Bellagio is beautiful, though! One of the nicer hotels for sure.

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Thanks for that heads-up, hrp3ks! Living here, I forget that the rest of the country doesn't necessarily do the smoke-free thing. That would really be an issue for the bride, who has allergies.

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Scarlett - you could probably get the hotel to make the reception room no-smoking but really, the smell permeates everywhere. I think they have good ventilation systems but the molecules settle in. Just walking through the lobby had my clothes smelly. I know it would bother any guests I had coming in from my part of the country but maybe other areas are not as smoke-free as MA is so people wouldn't notice as much.

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I've seen portraits for dozens of weddings done at the Bellagio- in the atrium, and often at the same time! It may feel tacky for your party to have to wait in line as they rope off the staircase for each group in turn, but the photos are incredible. You can see brides & attendants in full wedding regalia dashing around the main floors through the gaming tables every Saturday- so long as you take the day with a grain of salt, I think you'll be OK. If you're looking for something quiet, intimate and romantic, then find a little mountain getaway. LV ain't it.

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I've visited the Bellagio and actually saw their wedding chapels. They are both a long way away from the 'public' areas, close to their lovely garden. Both chapels were very pretty and I was very impressed (I wanted to see them, because everyone told me Las Vegas chapels were amazing sights). The hotel is a huge hotel used for business conferences as well as having a casino: think of a really good hotel with conference and function facilities and you've go the idea. Lots of privacy, good service, well away from the casino (and I'd say very free of smoke).

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i went to 4 weddings in Bellagio and I can tell you first hand I expected more being a known name hotel in LV. Unless you have family who like to gamble this would be perfect I would suggest Dainey World/Land for either Eaat or West coast. I've been to 3 of them in Disney World 2 in Disney Land and I can tell you it is BarNone. This type of wedding is great for any age and for any type of family, friends/ guest.

"beware the fury of a patient man"

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I have photographed several weddings at the Bellagio and would not hesitate to recommend the hotel and the staff to any of my clients. The staff is super and the hotel is not the typical "Vegas" hotel that you would expect. They go out of their way to accomodate the brides wishes.

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