how much room between round tables needed

ninip27October 15, 2005

Hi all

I am using a small hall and am worried about free walking room around table.

Does anyone know how much room I would need between the tables.

Tables are 5' rounds with 10 chairs to a table and I have 8 tables.

The head table will be 8' rectangle.

Thanks in advance.

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My references say that for 60 inch tables, you will need a 10' X 10' chunk of space. However, it is possible you will need a bit more than that. My references also say that a 60" round table will seat 6-8. With 10 people at the table, you will give each person 18" of table space. That is a lot closer than many folks are accustomed to sitting. So, they might be sitting a bit farther from the table than my calculations assume. Ten and a half feet might be a bit better.

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A 60" table usually seats 8; a 72" table seats 10, so your guests will be very crowded. If you plan to have a buffet or simple light fare, it might work. However, if you plan to have a full sit-down dinner with the tables pre-set with silverware, water goblets, etc. you may not be able to fit 10 people at a table. You will need at least a 10' square for each table to allow room for guests to scoot their chairs in and out from the table. Allow at least 3' between tables. Allow about 2' away from a wall.

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I do special event decorating and for sure 8 guests to a 60" round table is pretty much max. You can't even fit more than 8 standard banquet sized chairs around an 60" round table (when the chairs are put up to the table).I'm sure your hall would let you stop by and let you see the way it looks when they have another event and you could count the tables that are set up and then get a good idea from there.

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