Reasonable Window Replacement Quote?

SonicAgamemnonFebruary 6, 2014

Most of the original JELD WEN wood windows in our home need to be replaced. They survived for over 30 years but it's time to start the replacement process, especially for the 16 windows on the South and West side that are exposed to hard weathering.

Our main requirements are to retain the interior wood and casement/grid window design, and we want something with better protection on the exterior (not wood).

We have quotes from two contractors to replace all windows or just the 16 casement windows on the South and West sides of our home. One quote features Milgard WoodClad fiberglass windows. The other quote features Hurd extruded aluminum clad windows. The quotes cover the same basic work. Here is the Hurd wood clad quote:

1. Replace 16 or all (36) windows
2. Spray foam insulate around windows
3. Flash exterior using Vycor
4. Replace cedar siding as needed to support flashing
5. Custom exterior moldings as needed
6. Caulk and paint all disturbed exterior areas
7. Stain and finish the interior window casings in lacquer
8. Stain and finish all window grids in lacquer
9. Stain and finish all window screens in lacquer

  1. Replace, stain and finish all window trim
  2. Remove or recycle all construction debris

The Milgard quote was nearly $26,000. The Hurd quote was about the same amount, but it went higher to just over $27,000 because we decided to upgrade the wood from Pine to Alder and upgrade to Alder screens. Actually, Milgard windows are more expensive than Hurd but require less labor to install and finish on-site. The Hurd windows cost less even after the Alder upgrades, but the installation time/cost is higher.

Do these sound like reasonable quotes to you?

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Very reasonable.

That is a complex and time consuming installation.

Details, flashing, and installer skill are paramount.

Next to stucco, you have one of the most detailed and difficult install types right there and the window you are requiring (i.e. wood interior) is not cheap either.

I would only recommend to maybe look at a couple of competitive products.

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It appears to be a pretty good price for what you are getting.

Which company presents itself in the more professional manner? Do some research on both. The installation and finish work will make or break a job like this.

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Thanks for your feedback. We were forewarned by several people that retaining the home's original wood casement and grid design would be costly.

Another complicating factor are several stained glass windows that mount inside the casements instead of grids, but the majority of windows have grids instead of stained glass. We loose the stained glass windows with the Milgard quote, because of high difficulty mounting the stained glass frames with the wood cladding and fiberglass. It's not looking good for Milgard, since my wife is very partial to the stained glass.

We are waiting for a third and final quote using Marvin windows . . . and preparing ourselves for a significant jump in price.

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While I have your attention, I would like to sanity-check the time estimates as well. The Milgard estimate was 10-to-12 days to replace 16 windows. The Hurd estimate was 15 days.

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Where are you located?
The windows that have stain glass should be simple and cheaper than the windows with grids. What is the problem? Are the Milgard frames too thick for the stain glass to be installed?

Given the amount of work listed in your quote the install time is about right. You are living in the residence while the work is on going. For liability reasons they will clean up EVERYTHING at the end of every day before they leave, and every day they will return and start over. If the residence was empty they would show up, set up , and not clean up until they finished. With an occupied residence, there is A LOT of clean up and setup time tied up in every day. It takes 2-3x as long to work in an occupied residence as it does a vacant residence.

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We are located in Oregon. The difficulty in the Milgard quote was fitting the stained glass; the original framing around the stained glass is too wide and thick. The stained glass itself will fit, but its framing needs to be modified and that will be an expensive and risky process to undertake.

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For the stained glass issue, talk with a couple of SG craftsmen. They can usually re-fit the sg glass. They'd also be more experienced with modifying the trim surrounding the glass. In my limited experience dealing with window folks, some of the window changes I wanted, if they didn't feel comfortable, they wanted to charge an arm and a leg due to their inexperience.

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We've been discussing this issue a lot and I think we're going to pull the SG out of the quotes altogether. We already have one SG window that needs to be repaired (three cracks) by a SG crafstman any way, so I think we'll get a separate quote for the SG repair, re-trim and installation after the windows are replaced.

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Here are some photos of the original casement windows with SG:

The replacements for these windows need to support both the SG and a wood screen. All of the other windows have grids and screens but no SG.

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Beautiful home.

The stained glass does present a challenge of sort and nearly all modifications to the sash to accommodate the stained glass will invalidate the warranty of the window.

Be careful on that front and I would plan on dealing with a specific craftsman on that front separate from the window installer.

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ItâÂÂs beautiful! Recently we had replaced all the windows with casement windows but donâÂÂt contain any SG. The work was done by Window Choice from Toronto and the work was really appreciable. But now seeing this I wish to have some SG on living room windows. Is it possible? Do have to replace casement windows? Do it will cost high?

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I hesitate to even reply to your question given the complexities involved with properly mounting stained glass panels.

Regarding the SG panel itself, pricing depends on several factors including the artisan or manufacturer brand, window panel size, and the chosen design complexity. A quality panel with a simpler design for an average sized window would be around $500 per panel. A larger panel or something with a more complex design can easily go well over $1,000.

Regarding SG panel mounting, we are in the process of selecting a SG craftsman in Portland to repair and re-install eight SG panels after the casement windows are replaced. The contractor we chose to do the window replacement mainly emphasized the importance of selecting a window that provides a substantial amount of solid wood and space/clearance inside to support the mounts used to hold the SG panels in place.

I have no experience beyond that, meaning there may be many other ways to safely mount SG panels on other types of windows made with different materials other than wood.

Like us, I would suggest contacting a local SG artisan to inspect your windows, identify your design and obtain a quote.

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