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jim864February 6, 2009

I have started my search to find a company to replace my old windows with new vinyl replacement windows at my home in the Los Angeles Area. I have gotten a few estimates but am a bit confused. There are alot of replacement window companies in Los Angeles area. The salesman are sometimes not very nice and only give me pricing for that day. The salesman seem to push only the brand they sell and tell me everything else is crap. The window pricing for my estimates is crazy. I am replacing 12 windows that all are sliding windows and 1 patio sliding door. I have 10 windows that are 6x4 size and 1 8x5 size and 1 3x3 bathroom window and the door is a 6' sliding patio door. The installation I have been told is retro because I have a stucco house and aluminum now. I have been told that I need the lowe3 glass.

The estimates are in the range of $5,500 to $16,000.

Some of my estimates are as follows.

American Vision Windows Anlin $8,100 (lowe3) American Vision Windows was my first estimate so I didn't get the estimate with argon.

California Replacement Windows Milgard Tuscany $7,675 - (lowe2) or $8,275 (lowe3, superspacer, argon)

Galkos Construction Atrium $11,000 (lowe3 and argon)

Door and Window Plus Amerimax $7,250 - (lowe3) argon add $600

California Deluxe Windows $16,000 (lowe3 and argon)

Sears Simonton $15,500 (lowe3 and argon)

Local company that makes their own $5,500 (lowe2)

Why the big difference? Are Simonton or Atrium windows that much better then Anlin, Amerimax or Milgard windows? California Deluxe Windows are a company that make their own window in the Los Angeles area. Anlin, Amerimax, and Milgard windows seem like good windows and seem to be cheaper. I am confused on what to do and found this forum so hopefully someone can help. Is this pricing right or do I need more estimates? Is argon necessary? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Simonton is the best window in the group. Your mistake was getting the estimate from Sears. Find a local contractor who sells either the Simonton Reflections 7500 series or the 7300 series. This is the same window Sears sells without the outrageous markup.

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I stumbled across this posting while learning a bit more about LowE3, and just can't walk away without a comment. First of all, I am part owner of a window company in the Seattle, Washington area. I'm not trying to drum up business, and we only do apartment and condominium buildings anyhow.

For a house-package, I don't think that homeowners should be paying any more than $700 per window. That leaves more than plenty of money in the contractor's hands for a job well-done. If a sales'man' pulls out any weasel words like, 'this price is just for today.', or, 'ok, then how about this new lower price?', then tell them to 'GET the *&^% out of MY *&^% HOUSE!' These are not humans, and they are not redeemable in the context that they should be anywhere near your windows. They're crooks who'll sell out their own grandmothers if they can make a dollar. The same thing goes for anyone who stays for hours while trying to make the pitch and get you to sign a contract right then and right there. A decent contractor has respect, and an indecent one has no business being in business and should be told so at every stop.

My other suggestions:

Get a comprehensive list of the last ten jobsites of all non-crook companies, and go drive by them to make sure that their installation looks most-excellent.

Check their insurance, bond, license info out at your state's government websites.

Google their names and try to find any complaints about them.

Please do your homework. Don't be too rushed to realize that you'll be living with your new windows (be they good or bad) for many years to come.


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Not knowing anything about windowws I found this window forum and am glad I did. I got a few estimates from the above companies mentioned and found out that Door and Window Plus actually sells alot of different window brands that were listed in this forum. They carry the Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard as well as others. What I liked was that I got to see each window side by side. I could look at the features and frames of all the windows. I liked the Simonton 7300 the best. The frame is so much smaller and saving glass was important to me. I got all the insurance and references before I bought. Installation went well and I will be getting the $1,500 tax credit. Door and Window Plus was great. Their phone number is 1-626-399-1569.

I would like to thank skydawggy for the Simonton information and this forum for helping me get buy windows without going crazy. I had never heard of Simonton or Amerimax before and Milgard was the only window brand I knew of. Window buying process is horrible. Salesman are way too pushy.

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Simonton and Amerimax are top notch windows. Milgard Tuscany is a step lower in my option.

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Can't go wrong with any of these brands.

Installer is very important part of the process.

Green World

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