Dessert Reception

marciagayeOctober 12, 2004

My daughter has decided that she wants a "Dessert Open House". Please give me suggestions on what to have besides a wedding cake. I would like to be able to do things in advance and freeze them.

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I speak from a lot of experience when I say that cheesecake freezes BEAUTIFULLY! Chill it overnight in your fridge first, wrap well in saran wrap and then foil - you are good to go for up to 2 months. When it's time to defrost, pop it in the fridge overnight and you have cheesecake ready to go. My daughter originally wanted cheesecakes at her wedding (made by me) and I knew I'd have to be able to freeze them. I hooked up with a professional pastry chef and she gave me all the info I just gave you.
There are several kinds of cookies that freeze very well too. What would you like to see served?

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Cookies are a huge thing in our family. Cookie trays almost upstage the event at times. Also depending on the time of day mini pastries could work. Also maybe fruit trays with dip or a chocalte fondue. Chocolate fountains are also getting very popular. Hope this helps. It sounds really fun!

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Speaking from experience (I used to have dessert parties every year at Christmas - now I have the same party but with some real food), do plan for some non-dessert things, too. A cheese plate, meatballs, vegetables, fruits, etc. Needn't be expensive or difficult to make.

At least in my experience, people eat far less dessert than I expected (every time).

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Dessert receptions are very popular right now. You can make bar cookies and then cut them into 2" bites and place in individual papers, like cupcake papers. People like to sample several items and they can when portions are small. Also consider mini cream puffs, and definitely a chocolate fountain if there is one in your area. There will be some people who can't eat sweets (or who are doing low carb and won't), so a plate of cheese would be good. If you have a chocolate fountain, you can serve fruit and it can double for dipping.

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Cbocolate-dipped tuxedo strawberies? Very elegant and easy to do, if a bit time consuming.

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