Sill height for sliding patio/french doors

Aero1February 6, 2013

I am looking for a replacement Sliding Glass Door for a weekend home just north of Atlanta, GA. It will be added as part of a larger renovation. I am still making the decision on windows but Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex is in the lead. The sliding door in question must be able to handle frequent use over the long haul since it is the primary way we enter and leave the home. Lots of kids and visitors going in and out all day long. We also desire some type of a wood look on the inside of the door but do not care what the outside material would be. The door will not see much weather since the climate is relatively mild and the door opens to a screen porch that has Eze-Breeze windows. Therefore the door will almost never see sun, will see less wind than most doors, and will virtually never see water.

My question is about the seemingly excessive sil heights of all of the doors that I have seen. For example, the Integrity Wood/Ultrex French door has a sill that is 2 9/32" high which seems more or less typical of what is out there. Since the door will be sitting on a concrete slab with just carpet pad and carpet behind it, this seems like it will be a triping hazard. To make things worse, there is a slight step down to the floor of the screen porch. The old aluminum slider that we have now has a sil that is no higher than the carpet.

Are there any quality sliding doors out there that do not have such high sils? Marvin Ultimate has a low sil option but it is very low (low enough to mate with a thin floating engineered wood floor). Anyone have any other ideas or am I being silly thinking that people will trip or stub their toes on these tall sils?

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Many manufacturers have an ADA sill option, which is far lower for wheelchair access, etc. I'd explore that option.

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The inline slider or lift and slide units also have a very low profile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lift and Slide

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We are on Lake Lanier and have built with Marvin Integrity Ultrex/Wood. We replaced a smaller house and one of the best decisions I made was to change from slider to french doors. The sliders on the old house were large and did not seal that well (although they were fairly high end). The constant opening and closing of these sliders became annoying after a few years. With the french doors, the opening is much bigger (when you open both doors) and they operate like a door so kids can use them easier. You're welcome to stop by and see them if you like. Let me know and I'll send my email address.

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I do not recommend a sliding door as a primary entry. You may get used to it, but it is my bet you will regret it.

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