Privacy ... seeing out but not in?

lulashooFebruary 21, 2006

My house sits up a hill from the neighbors and they have a great view right into our kitchen. When I reno the kitchen in a few months I'll be replacing the windows and I'm wondering about any options that allow me to see out into the backyard but not have them looking in.

Yes, I understand "blinds, shades, curtains, etc." but I'm not overly fond of any of those, although I certainly will do that if needed. But I'm hoping to have a garden window over the sink and that doesn't seem particularly ripe for traditional window treatments.

So I was wondering if there's any kind of film or such that could be applied for privacy?

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There are reflective films that can be used on windows much the same that are used on auto windows. You can see out but folks can't see in. Now, if you plan to use a window box window that is like a minature greenhouse, the film would effect sunlight that might hinder plant growth. Unless you cook naked, maybe your neighbors have more to do than watch your kitchen activity.

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Note to self: no more naked cooking. Damn.

Fortunately, I can kill silk plants, so the greenhouse effect isn't a problem.

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You are lucky to be the uphill neighbor. If I were your downhill neighbors, I'd be the one concerned about neighbors being able to look in. I do take your problem seriously, though. I would suggest that you really find out how much your neighbor can really see from their house. If you are uphill from them, maybe all they really can see are your kitchen ceilings. They are looking at your house from an upward angle afterall. Also, windows over the sink tend to be higher windows. And if it is over the sink, you will never stand right next to the window, you will always be a counterwidth away from the window. Will you fill the window with some plants? That will also block the view.

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I am facing a similar situation. About 30 years ago, we had a film on our parents house on a couple of the windows. During the day, no one could see in, but at night when you turned on the light, people could see into the house.

I am trying to find a film that would not only help with the electric bill in the summer, but might offer some type of privacy. I've been looking on this website. This product is also offered in the orange box hardware stores. Hopefully you can find something with this link. You'll have to cut and paste it. I never could figure out how to do links on this website.

From what I'm understanding though through this website, I can't have both things I want. I have to choose either privacy OR heat control.

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One thing to keep in mind is some window manufacturers will void your warranty for applying films to your glass. So make sure and check with the manufacturer before applying any films!

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