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Glazed-and-ConfusedFebruary 25, 2013

Generally, is there a benefit to choosing enamel coated coil vs pvc coated coil for vinyl windows facing filtered sun? (Windows will be new replacement inserts.) What range price difference should one expect for10 DH windows, if any.

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Windows on Washington

I prefer the enamel coated trim because of its durability, lack of chalking, and ability to shed dirt.

It is a few bucks more for us but not a huge amount. We specify it as a standard on our end of things but if we were comparing apples to apples, it would probably be $5-10 more per window.

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PVC coil cost me about $5 a roll more. I Don't charge anything extra for it. it can stay a little cleaner looking and looks like a cleaner product.

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I completely disagree that the PVC stays cleaner, and in fact that is my only complaint about it. It is a nice look to be sure, but I do get complaints from folks about how the texture collects dirt.

I most often see $5-$10 more per window, and I pay roughly $20 more per roll. There is a lot more waste as well, as it only comes with color on one side, whereas the back side of smooth is typically white and gets used up quickly. That factors into the cost premium as well.

Ultimately from a consumer benefit perspective, there is not a huge difference on way or the other.

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