Food at the church

nodakgalOctober 14, 2008

The day of DD's wedding is coming fast,Oct 25th. I know its important for her to eat a good breakfast that morning. Between hair appointments and pictures that will be the last "meal" til the reception.

So for snacks at the church what is best and filling? We will have somewhere around 30 people.

This is what I am planning but its not etched in stone.

bottled water

sliced meats and cheese


dinner rolls in case they want to make a sandwich

some sort of fruit

sugar cookies or muffins

What do you think? Is it too much, not enough? Any suggestions?

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This all sounds very nice, but it is hard to tell if it is necessary without knowing what time the reception will be and how long these 30 people will be hanging around at the church before the wedding and whether they will be too busy to eat anyway (or otherwise not wanting to mess up makeup and clothes).

I also hate to think of you having to deal with shopping, transporting, and setting up even a very informal buffet for 30 when you are so busy.

I might avoid anything that has to be refrigerated. I would think that some fruit and maybe some crackers or granola bars or something ought to get people through to the meal if it isn't in the evening. If this has to serve as lunch, sandwiches or yogurt might be good.

Please don't have bottled water (unless the water in your area isn't safe) -- for environmental reasons.

If you are using a wedding coordinator or know someone who has a lot of experience with weddings at your church, ask him/her for advice on this.

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We will be at the church by late morning or no later than 12 noon. Wedding is at 5:30pm so it will be at least an hour later before we get to the reception.
I will X the bottled water then if you don't think its necessary, I just wanted to provide something to drink and didn't think pop was a great idea....there is water available at the church kitchen.
Maybe I will just do sandwiches then, I know everyone will be hungry or have empty stomachs, aside from the bride and groom and their butterflies! LOL Plus there will be children, ring bearers and flower girl at some point mid afternoon I am guessing.

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I think it sounds like a wonderful idea to have some type of snack food.

I would provide a snack with protein and perhaps a complex carbohydrate. I'd be afraid sugary snacks, sodas, etc. would cause that energy crash. Meat, cheese, peanut butter, crackers, and water sound like a great idea. You could also do granola bars or bagged granola. We normally use tap water, but for an occasion like this I would probably use bottled water.

I hope your daughter's special day is perfect!

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I like your idea including the bottled water. Just recycyle the bottles. I made a point of feeding our bride and bridesmaids. They run all day without food and then find themselves getting either faint or drunk on one or two cocktails because they are so empty. Do give them a lunch like you planned. I brought in a menu from our favorite gourmet salad and sandwich shoppe. They picked their preference, and DH picked up the orders and brought them down to us. (The hotel's lunch menu is blah moderne food.)

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I encourage my brides to provide some type of food for the wedding party. With the rush of hair appointments, dressing, photos, etc. they tend to forget to eat. Many people purchase a small meat and cheese tray from a deli. I would include the bottled water, particularly if it will be a warm day where you live. Don't include anything that could be messy, such as fruit that is juicy or anything that will create a lot of crumbs. You will be busy enough without having to clean up the meal area. Just set the food out and let people know it is there. They will eat when they have some time. Providing wet wipes or paper towels would be useful as well.

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I have 2 kinds of meat and 2 different types of cheese, crackers and dinner rolls and Nilla Wafers,2 cases of water and will throw in a roll of paper towels, thats good and just enough to tide them over. I just don't want anyone feeling faint or sick from not eating!
Thank you!!

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