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alicia123October 22, 2006

how do you find Justices of the peace or judges to perform wedding ceremonies? or when people say, "we just went to the courthouse", how does that work? I'm having no luck on internet searches. do you go through the government office?

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In most locations you purchase your marriage license at the county court house. Often the clerk's office at the court house will have a list of judges who like to perform weddings and who have the time to do so. You may or may not be able to purchase the license and immediately get married. You can do that if a judge is available and not in court. Then, you get married in his/her chambers. In many cases, however, you have to call and make an appointment with the judge's clerk. Often the appointment will be for the end of the day, after the judge is finished with court cases for the day.

If you want to have a judge come to your location to perform your wedding, you first have to find out which judges are willing to do that on their day off. Again, you should be able to get a list from the county clerk's office, then you will have to call the various judges and find out if they are willing to do outside weddings.

Alternatively, you should be able to find a list of judges in the government section of your phone book. Then, you can start calling them to find one who is available.

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thanks sweet pea

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I'd vote for starting w/ the county clerk's office. (or whatever office it is that handles marriage licenses--in Pennsylvania it's the Recorder of Deeds or something).

Every state has a different set of people who can perform marriages. A justice of the peace is not the same as a judge, and in many states they can perform marriages. Some of them will come where you are, on the weekend, and the clerk's office may offer some info on that.

But some states have OTHER provisions for who can perform marriages. I think it's Virginia that has an program whereby a Virginia resident can register to perform a specific marriage for a 24-hour period--so your uncle, dad, best friend, whoever, could officiate.

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Marriage Commissioner.. That is how my daughter & Now SIL found theirs.. actually at @ wedding fair as a matter a fact.

I personally was very impressed with her ( MOB ) and she was so good that a cousin of mine is considering this as a occupation/job.. * personality similarties *

Lots of luck & congrats!!

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Go the county court house and ask for judges names who perform weddings. We were lucky for DD wedding,a very good friend of the family is a judge in our county and performed the ceremony.Not only did he do DD's he did mine and DH's also.

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