Sunrise vs. OKNA 800

Glazed-and-ConfusedFebruary 21, 2013

How about Sunrise Vs Okna 500?

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its not an apples to apples comp unless its the sunrise restorations or vanguard. the Okna 800 has the edge for the following reasons.
1) thicker out walls ( meaning thinker vinyl walls, not the width of the frame)
2) better energy efficienvy numbers. okna 800 is a .26 on double pane. also a lower air leakage, okna 800 is a .01 .
3) okna 800 has a handle opposed to the typical vinyl lift rail. the okna handle can come in nickel or antique brass which is ultra sharp.
4) okna has a full length interlock at the sash, sunrise does NOT.

where are you located, maybe this can tell us which sunrise product you saw. by the way, sunrise is a good product as well.

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I'm in Virginia. The Sunrise was described as the manufacturer's mainstream product, and specifically NOT the Vanguard or Restorations. The OKNA air leakage numbers are perhaps the lowest I've seen.

IMHO, Both Okna 800 and Sunrise have a nice profile and are handsome windows. Thanks!

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+1 to the above feedback. Both windows are attractive and good performers, but the Okna is a step up in performance in the double hung and slider. Casements are about equal.

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The Sunrise is nice, but kinda flimsy in my experience. A highly qualified install is a must.

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Generally, is there a benefit to choosing enamel coated coil vs pvc coated coil for vinyl windows facing filtered sun? (Windows will be new replacement inserts.) What range price difference should one expect for10 DH windows, if any.

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Both will hold up pretty well by today's standards.

My personal preference is the enamel coated finish for its durability and its ability to shed dirt.

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Big +1. A lot of guys really push the PVC coated as being vastly superior, but that is overstated. It is a nice product, but I have had complaints as they do collect more dirt in the texture which shows up on lighter colors. Most companies will do either, and there is not a huge price difference. Maybe $10 premium per window at most to upgrade to PVC.

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