Which hardware?

eleenaFebruary 9, 2013

I saw it discussed and I was sure I bookmarked the thread but cannot find it to save my life. Could you indulge me please?

We went looking for handles and locks for our future new doors today and the salesperson recommended Fusion. It is a good brand, right?

I want ONLY stainless steel. Previously, we bought other finishes from satin nickel (cannot remember the brands, probably, Weiser and Emtek) to Venetian bronze (or something like that) by Baldwin (almost as expensive as the door itself) and all of them are discolored after just a few years - either due to sun exposure or due to (regular) use.

Which are the better brands for hardware?


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looks like not much response... I'm afraid that I don't deal often with the brands that would be considered "boutique", or ultra-high end. Typically Schlage and Emtek are very good and serve our clients well.

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Stainless Steel in any brand will be expensive for certain!

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Thank you!

Fusion is made by Schlage, as I understand. It is their higher-end line. BTW, it is less expensive than Emtek. Not by much (~$20-$25 a piece) but nevertheless.

If I am paying $$$$ for each door, what is another $100, right? LOL

All the door hardware we bought over the years based on recommendations from the sales people (because we knew nothing about it) now needs to be replaced as I either hate the style or the finish did not hold up. And it was not exactly cheap either. No savings there as it turns out...

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I can't say that I have any bad experiences with schlage hardware. If this is their upper end line, you should be in good shape.

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Thank you!

I am also looking into Hafele.

I'll post the outcome. :-)

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