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old_bill99February 16, 2011

A note to describe my experience with Pella warranty and product support. Bottom line is that I'm pretty disappointed, and if I had known about this, I probably would have bought another brand.

I have a house full of Pella Designer Series windows with Slimshades. All windows but 1 were bought in 1997. One window was bought in 2005. The Slimshade blinds in the 2005 window has failed, and if you get out your Pella paperwork and read it carefully, you will see that your 10 year warranty is PARTS ONLY, and that labor is covered for only 2 years. And to think I was naive enough to think the window was waranteed for 10 years!

The rest of my Pellas were bought in 1997 and are out of warranty. Fair enough. BUT, Pella *no* *longer* *supports* the Slimshade blinds in older Pella Designer Series windows! That means that if I have a problem with my Slimshade blinds, I am out of luck, thank you very much. What their solution is involves a lot of mental gymnastics and word-smithing that in the end means "replace the window".

Needless to say I paid top dollar for these windows. Needless to say, I consider the terms of the warranty to be misleading and deceptive.

My advice regarding shopping for Pella windows is - read the warranty like you are a Phildelphia lawyer. If that's what you want, so be it. But at the very least talk over long term product support with your installer. Whatever you get will be from him, because the factory is going to dump you.

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This is not aimed at you personally old bill99.

My additional advice would be to check out window manufacturers BEFORE you buy. Just because you have heard of a brand doesn't make it safe to buy. Conversely just because you haven't heard of a brand before, doesn't mean it isn't a good window. These very large window companies have huge marketing budgets and highly paid advertising people who's job it is to convince a consumer to buy their products. It's sad that sometimes when we ask people why they purchased a particular brand, to hear them regurgitate the marketing spiel. Most of the time they can't even tell you exactly why they chose that particular brand. Consumers need to understand these companies employ the services of professional psychologists and that they design ad campaingns meant to affect you psychologically and make you feel warm and fuzzy about their products. Don't you for one second think you are immune. Obviously they are very sucessful.

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Old Bill/
I have had Pellas since the 80's. We installed them ourselves/ A few at a time. Replaced them in our 1950s house.
Pella will send you the parts.......
Most things are not that hard to replace....
Surely you cant expect the slimshades knob or whatever failed to last for ever. I have the inner pleated shades. LUv them. Had to replace the cords myself. Cause I usually open and close my pleated shades most days and nights... I do have two window sets of slimshades total of four. . Like them too... No problems yet with those
Matter fact I need to restring 2 of them.
Few weeks ago the closer at the bottom broke on one of my casements. It looks had to replace. So for now I just pull it to and latch it...
Just my opinion yall.

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