norco windows by jeld wen-feedback anyone?

kptwinFebruary 15, 2006

We are in the process of starting the footwork for a major remodel..ok a teardown on our coastal home. We want the look of wood window and cant afford Marvins. Our contractor recommended Norco by Jeld Wen. We are thinking about the wood double hung with clad exterior. Anybody have any good or bad experiences they care to share. Also..any book suggestions on educating oneself on the remodeling process.

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Can't comment on Norco, but also look at their Caradco line... they are awning, casement and double-hung and are sold through Home Depot. They purchased Caradco from the previous (lousy) owner a number of years back and have totally cleaned it up. They have one of the best wood rot/mold warranties in the business today. Look for 'auralast pine.'

We love ours on our new home and spent about 12k with them.

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kptwin - were you able to find any information on the Norco windows? Our contractor is also suggesting them.


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My experience with them has not been positive. We've replaced many houses with Norco units in them. BUT...a window is only as good as it's installation, and maintenance. Many people ignore maintenance. There is no such thing as a maintenance free window. Low maintenance yes, but not no maintenance. And many builders don't follow proper installation and flashing instructions. This has caused many premature failures. Unfortunately, most rot/mold issues are blamed on improper installation, or lack of required maintenance and therefore not covered by warranty. Read the warranties and installation and maintenance instructions before you buy, to know exactly what will be required of you.
Compare this info to some other companies, and see what works best for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeld-Wen

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Norco is in the middle of the Jeld-Wen lineup with Caradco at the bottom and Pozzi at the top. They have renamed all three lines as Custom, Siteline and Tradition from highest to lowest. The name Jeld-Wen is difficult enough to learn without adding 3 new meaningless names.

Regarding Norco, I have used their all-wood window and found it to be fine. I suspect the lowest model has few choices for mullion design, colors, etc. like most windows in that price range but Jeld-Wen also makes an even lower level window called the "Builder" which I suspect is appropriately named since no one other than a builder is likely to be interested in it.

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We're also considering Norco. Apparently, within the Norco "brand", there are two lines:
- Teton, which is alum clad wood and
- Siteline, which is just wood
The Teton is more expensive.

My question: why would you need to have alum cladding on wood that has their Auralast treatment? It seems to be oversell.

Also, it sounds like Caradco has the same general benefits of Norco Siteline (the auralast treatment), but comes in fewer sizes, colors, options, etc. So if you don't need anything out of the ordinary, maybe Caradco would work as well as Norco even though it is the "lower" line.

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OK, after further reading, to clarify:
Norco is now called Siteline. Siteline offers 3 different products: all-wood, alum wood clad and Teton which is alum wood clad with "increased wood content for greater visual appeal"

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I feel the need to make some clarifications:
Norco is now the Jeld-Wen Premium Collection.
Siteline, Teton and Traditions Plus are the 3 product lines within the Premium Collection.
The lines are wood and use Jeld-Wen's AuraLast Wood for all exterior parts. They can be ordered with either wood or aluminum clad exterior.
AuraLast Wood (Jeld-Wen's exclusive treated pine) has a 20 yr warranty against rot, insect damage and water absorption. Auralast is used even if it is aluminum clad because wood rot, termites and water do not just come from the exterior, they can come through the wall framing also.
Jeld-Wen's 2 other window lines are Custom Collection (formerly Pozzi) and Builder Clad (a new product line). In the logic of good-better-best: Builders Clad is a excellent entry level wood window that can compete higher end vinyl windows; The Premium Collection is a midrange price that can be ordered with many hardware and glass options and special sizes; The Custom Collection is option rich and is meant for the top end projects where a architecturally correct window is desired. Since the three lines share from 4 to 6 of the same clad color options, you can mix the lines to achieve a certian look while staying within a budget.
Remember all 3 use Jeld-Wen's exclusive AuraLast Wood.
And they built in some of the shortest leadtimes in the wood window industry and with the best overall warranties.

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On a slightly different tack, I'm looking for a replacement sash insert for the Craftline casement windows in my wife's 40-year old house.

I've been told that Craftline was bought out by Norco, who in turn was bought out by Jeld-Wen, as noted by others in this forum.

If that be true, which of Jeld-Wen's current products, if any, could serve as a "donor" of replacement sash for our slowly but persistently rotting Craftlines?

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I have installed norco and coradco for many years and used them on my own home. I tried several years back when they were 10-15 years old to get parts and replace glazing and they were NOT helpfull in procuring materials to do repairs even though I was a former installer. They do not cater to the home owner or small contractor to back up their product. The product is good and has withstood the first years well though the lifecycle should be greater than they lasted. Now I am faced with a great expense since the exterior of my home is masonry to do a major remodel to replace windows since they are flanged or put in crappy replacement windows. I am was a big fan of the aluminum clad windows I installed until I needed repair parts, weartherstripping, casement hardware, replacement of failed glazing. They still wont service my area or my repair needs. They could supply parts on their website that would be a great secondary income stream but choose to protect their territories instead of serviceing the consumer. Sad!

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We have used Norco replacement windows and are currently trying replace most of them due to numerous failures. Many are permanently fogged, others are rotting/molding and falling apart between the panes of glass, and others have completely rusted out between the glass panes. They looked great when they were installed, and our contractor highly recommended them, but needless to say, we are extremely unhappy with the quality. Once again, you get what you pay for.

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I have been in the business for 20 odd years and the next good thing i hear from a homeowner on these 3 lines will be the first !!!

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We had a house built 11 years ago. We started FIGHTING with Norco our 2nd winter and every year after that. Of course our classless builder walked away from the crap that they said were "Just as good as Andersons" Norco�s customer service is the worst. When its 10 below or colder we are froze in our house. The windows freeze shut, with under 30% humidity in the house. We shock each other inn every room in the house. When we open the shades in the morning you cannot even see out of the top half of the windows and the bottom half has a 1/4-inch or more of ice on them. The only thing good I can say is 3 of the casement windows have survived a drop (when they fell out of the sash) of over 30 feet, but the hardware is so screwed up that they are now taped shut. I have @100 pictures and hours of video showing how crappy these things are. The best these clowns ever did was offered to replace them with more of there crap for 50% off plus installation. We told them to pack sand. Stay away from the clowns.

Stay away from these clowns.
Stay away from these clowns.

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i have a norco padio door and need a plastic strip on the inside end as the door closes . can anybody help me

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I purchased a home with NORCO windows. First my confession. I don't do any maintenance on my windows. Now I will unleash. Worst window ever. My windows were manufactured in 1996 and nearly half are ruined now. Moisture issues caused a lot of mold and rotting. The sealed windows gave way and the space between the glass is ruined with some sort of fog on three of my windows including a sliding door. I can't tell you what kind of maintenance I should be doing on a seal. I wouldn't buy Norco/Jeldwin ever.

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Do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy Norco windows. We installed them 8 years ago and have experienced nothing but problems. They sent their service folks out a month ago to re-seal all of them. I thought the leaking issues would be resolved, but I'm still getting moisture behind the black weather seal! And Jeld-Wen continues to blame it on lack of maintenance. They refuse to stand behind their product. I took pictures of all of them while they were being serviced and virtually every corner was black.

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I have had a mixed experience with Norco windows. The crank hardware to open and close them is poor. A motorized clerestory window never worked properly and I am told a whole new motor is required because the failed circuit board is obsolete. My house and windows are only 8 years old. Should be a better option out there

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Yes i would not buy from them again, I was just looking to see if other people had problems with these windows. We are trying to figure out if its the windows itself or poor installation by our builders. Molding around windows and trim should not be happening in a four year old home. Think everyone who isnt happy with their windows should all get together and take this company to court for selling faulty products. Im honestly thinking about it, before another one of us gets con'd into buying from this company. Seriouslly do not buy from this company and make sure you really investigate what your buying. Now back to cleaning these darn windows, Like its gonna help any...

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I would never have Norco wood windows again. The crank hardware comes apart and it appears to be rivited together, so it's impossible for me to fix. One window drops 2" when opened. The seal on the double pane did not hold on some of the windows and it appears as if someone threw-up inside the panes of glass. The few that I can open in the summer smell because of the moisture, mold & rotting of the wood. In the winter the windows get ice inside and that's with no shades pulled. I could continue, but why waste my time & yours. DON'T BUY NORCO WOODEN WINDOWS !!!!
Oh yes, I had trouble before the warenty was up, but they didn't help.

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When we built our house, the builder installed Norco windows. We have double hung, casements that open, casements that do not open, and a bow window. All of the windows have different problems. 1) The double hung allow heat to escape in the winter and ice forms between the double hung window and the storm window. This started happening during the first winter we were in the home and every winter since. Norco's solution....take off the storm window. 2) The casement windows had to be scraped, sanded, primed and painted annually on the exterior. The paint on double hung held up very nice. Again, they claimed no responsibility. I was told by someone other than Norco that the wood is treated to retard rot and that's why the paint won't adhere to the wood. I didn't use cheap paint. It was Benjamin Moore. 3) Eventually all of the casements rotted away on the exterior 4) If we had a driving rain, 75% of the casements leaked.5) The bench on the bow window rotted as a result from water seepage. 6) Two of the seals on the glass of the casements broke during the warranty period. Three seals broken shortly after the warranty ended. We recently replaced most of the casements with Pella Designer Series aluminum clad windows. They cost $22,000+ including the shades. They have issues too but not the same problems as the Norco windows. I wouldn't recommend Norco or Pella. Is there a decent window made anymore?

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I would look into either or Marvin or Kolbe & Kolbe as both are excellent wood windows whether wood exterior or extruded aluminum clad.

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