New to being a step parent.

azurebJune 14, 2009

Dh is going to buy 15 yr old sd a $350 phone for her birthday, even though she has already lost TWO phones, one being 350 and the other 250 in less than two years. I think this is rediculous. If I say something, i know we will argue about it, but we dont really have the money for that anyway. What would you do?

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Don't argue. Your Dh will probably buy it anyway and you will still have the hard feelings. A waste of energy and bad feelings.

Maybe you can discuss a gift giving budget? $350 phone for a 15 year old who if he doesn't lose it, will outgrow it or grow bored with it doesn't make a lot of financial sense but this isn't about what makes sense financially.

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If he buys it, insist on insurance... at the rate she loses phones, he NEEDS it!

I'd have a hard time spending that much on my own phone, let alone a teenager. (If it isn't free with a 2 year agreement, my kids didn't get more than the free one... and if they lost it, I might let them buy a used one off craigslist or ebay and make them earn it. I don't understand spending that much on a kid's phone... overindulgence!)

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That is a crazy amount to spend on a kids phone! I agree with the idea of getting insurance.

Do you have kids? How much do you both spend on their gifts?

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I have 3 kids. 19,17 and 9. I spend at most $200 per bday. And since oldest is now 19 with a job, she will get less. I have not given any of my kids cell phones. That is something they earned themselves. If I buy something and they break it or lose it, I never replace it. What's wrong with teaching kids to be responsible? I have seen the effects of handing over everything a kid wants to them and they turn into people like my ex who won't do anything for themselves and expected everything handed to them. I guess if he wants his kids to grow up that way it will be his problem when they are 40 and calling Daddy for a hand out.

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Insurance is a great idea -- it doesnt cost that much, and well worth it with teens.

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Here's the deal in a nutshell --

Hubby has a problem. He needs to buy his daughter something for her birthday, and he wants it to be something she'll like. He doesn't want to buy her clothes. So, in a man's view, that leave consumer electronics. If she's already got a computer and an iPod, that leaves a phone. And any phone that costs less than $350 is not one that she'll like.

End of story. As he sees it.

Unless YOU can come up with something his daughter will like as much as a $350 phone that HE also thinks is a great idea and can pretend he thought of it and bought it himself.

For what it's worth, I totally agree that a $350 phone for a teen with a history of losing them is utterly ridiculous.

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I can't understand why no insurance -- especially after the first lost one.

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Well he actually asked her what she wanted, and she said the phone. The model of phone and everything. Its a samsung shadow or something.

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Sweeby makes a good point. As long at this is her gift...not one of her gifts I think it is fine. Get insurance. If she breaks/loses the phone then she needs to earn the money for the replacement fee somehow.

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