Varying thicknesses of tiles

loribee2June 26, 2010

I apologize if this has been asked a zillion times. I've been on the internet for hours watching videos and searching sites and just don't have the energy to keep looking! ;-)

I just covered my first stepping stone with mosaic tiles using thinset. The tiles I used were varying thickness, so I didn't even think about it--I simply slathered on more thinset to "build up" the thinner tiles so they roughly matched the thickness of the others. After going back to the computer to see how people generally grout, I ran into something that said not to do that--that thinset is intended to be thin and it will never ever dry if I put too much on.

I'm guessing my thickest layer of thinset wasn't more than 1/4". Should I worry?

Also, when watching all the videos, I noticed most people cleaned off their grout with a dry towel. I'd always seen grout being cleaned from tiles with a damp sponge. Which do you use?

Thanks in advance for your help! I typically hang out at the Garden Junk forum and never realized this one existed. Can't wait to start searching your photos. I LOVE checking out the pictures!

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Welcome LORI: The thinset w/dry - don't worry. Several on this forum use the same method. Others put another piece of tess or scrap underneath. I don't worry about it cuz I like different levels. IMO, for stepping stones the different levels might make it less likely to be slippery. As you know, we love pictures too, so share yours, please.

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Welcome, LORI. I like to wipe off the heavy glops of grout with a dry paper towel along with scraping with a popsicle stick. Then I follow with a damp sponge. Lastly I polish with a dry cloth.

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Thanks for the welcomes and thanks so much for the advice! What a great thread this is! I had been looking for it on the garden side and didn't even realize there was a whole world of craft threads on the home forum. You are all amazingly talented. I appreciate your help.

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Welcome and Glad you found us! Fresh ideas are always welcome and never too many questions, we like to help each other!!!

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