Need ideas for window and door trim, Can you post yours please.

sherwhyFebruary 26, 2010

We are building new and going for a coastal cottage look. I want something clean and simple because we will have T&G ceilings. I'm having such a hard time finding something I like. Time is running out and my GC wants some decisions made! Help please. If you have any links to sites to look at I'd be grateful.

Thank you,


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A coastal cottage look might contain interior 4 1/4" flat casing on the two sides, with a horned-sill and 5" apron and head casing. All joinery is butt-jointed. That's about as simple as it gets, while also creating a traditional appearance. Your local bookstore or library will have an endless supply of photos found in the traditional home section of the magazine rack. Good luck!

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Thanks mcsbldr! I'll head on over to my local library today.

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go to the website,, they have many pictures of different ideas as well as lots of choices. Look at the kitchen in the picture gallery. We are doing that casing that you see arounnd the windows. 1x4 around both windows and doors and using a piece of half round and small crown at the top. Perfect cottage style casings for both doors and windows.

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Thanks Mbwaldrop for the link. Yes I like that window trim, I'm probably going to do something very similar.

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