CHoice of patio door for screened porch?

scrappy25February 9, 2014

I am thinking of adding a screened porch behind my dining room and preliminarily got estimates for replacing my two double hung windows with a French door. The proposals were s for Provia brand which I know is top of the line and I think the estimates were reasonable at less than 5k installed (custom sized to current window header, moving electrical outlet under the window,etc.). However that is still pretty pricey; I do not know how the door cost breaks down vs labor.

My question is, is there a less expensive door brand that would function just as satisfactorily in a protected space? It will be well protected by a roof over a large screened porch.

From the stock pictures it looks like there is a thin frame around the glass on the Provia doors, is that correct? I prefer a flush glazed appearance like that on the Andersen wood doors even though I know the Andersen's are inferior to the Provias. A gardenwebber on the building forum mentioned Plastpro french door as a door with a flush glazed appearance and showed some really nice pictures but that brand seems to be poorly regarded on this forum (see link below) Thermatru seems to be the runner up to Provia but again I believe it has that thin trim around the glass.

Any suggestions or should I just go for the Provia?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Plastpro french door with flush glazed window style

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Provia is a nice door at the end of the day.

5K is not that expensive at the end of the day if I am moving electrical and for a custom sized opening.

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Not a bad price at the beginning of the day either, pretty aggressive actually for a great door and custom opening. There are a few manufacturers that offer flush-glazed slabs. Thermatru has them in select styles, and several different companies use plastpro for their base slabs as well.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 actually.

We don't touch electrical and getting a licensed electrician out there to move it is going to cost you a pretty penny.

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OK. bottom line you guys are saying go for the Provia, I know the price was reasonable but was preferring the flush glazed look; sounds like that is not worth pursuing in your eyes.

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The flush glazing is a nice look to be sure, but I'd go with the better door. That is a killer price on that door.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I also like the flush look.

Either way, that is a great door.

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