Only Together 1 Week

adaminaOctober 3, 2007

My girlfriend and I have only been together for 1 week, but I want to buy her something to show her how I feel about her thus far. I think she actually wanted an anklet for Christmas. I want to buy it online since all my cash money has dried up because of the upcoming holiday and all I have now is $105.00 is my pay pal account.

I was wondering if anyone could please recommend a place where I can buy a nice gold anklet for her online, preferably at wholesale price?

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Let me guess.... pretty soon you will post again as arianna_biu with a recommendation of a "great website to check out!!!" NO thanks!

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if you are for real, pls don't buy your girlfriend jewelry at this early date.

It's too pushy. it puts too much of a burden on her.

it's only 1 week, for heaven's sake!

buy her flowers for $8, or just be so obviously happy to be with her, and treat her well.

I would freak out bigtime if some guy I'd been dating for a week bought me jewelry. Esp. if it was gold, but even if it was a costume piece.

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talley sue, check out adamina's previous posts. naughtykitty has it nailed.

"adamina," please stop putting phony posts on this board. You aren't fooling anyone, and no one is going to want to buy anything from someone who is being so dishonest.

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I thought they were getting married and planning a low budget wedding; now they have been together for only a week? Someone is having trouble keeping his/her stories straight. This could become a soap opera if it weren't so deceptive.

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Also looking for recommendations for a nursing home...because he's a busniess man and doesn't have time to take care of his mother...father or something.
Not a spammer....just a coo-coo bird.
Linda C

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On another forum he/she is asking about pearl necklaces. Coo-coo bird could be a good term or maybe someone with too much time on their hands.

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