Casement window cost for brands like sunrise or okna

ensaFebruary 15, 2014

Can anyone tell me an estimate cost for casement window of a good brand such as Sunrise or Okna?

I tried Renewal by Andersen and it's more than $2000 per window on average. I read some posts here and found that RbyA was horrible. So I tried a local vinyl window company that I found from BBB with A+ ratings (made in a local factory, life warranty). However I can't say which is worse, RbyA or this one. Exact same selling tactics. RbyA was total of 29K. The local one was 25K. The quoting process was unbelievable. RbyA sales person was at least on time and it's an hour total. The local window company guy showed up 40 minutes late, then it took two and half hours for him to show his window while smashing other brands. (Seriously, the appointment was 4PM. When he left, it's 7PM. I was so hungry.)

The final price for the vinyl window from the local company was like $1000 a casement window. I need replacement windows not new construction so they'll need to be custom made and I guess it should probably cost more. But is this reasonable? I also had sliding door quoted. His vinyl door price was only 10% less than Andersen 200 narrowline. I thought it's a bit overpriced. I'd like another quote on vinyl product but now I'm so afraid of these lengthy quote/demo sessions. Are most window sellers like this or I just had bad luck?

The prices I mentioned here are including installation.


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Got the price wrong - forgot to count in a small double hung and a picture window. So on average the quote was like $850 per window not $1000.

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Not very high.. What state are you located in?

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For a quality product that is a good price. For a "tinman" selling approach he would not be invited back in my opinion!

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I'm in MI.

I thought vinyl should cost a lot less than wood (Andersen 200). But based on the sliding door quotes it's not as much a difference as I first imagined.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to the previous quotes.

If you are upfront and honest with folks as well, they can usually shorten their presentations.

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+1. Depending on options and installation specs, $850 is not out of the question for a great window. As the other guys suggested, try to be upfront about your intentions to skip the dog and pony show and most sales people will respect that. If they don't move on to a different company.

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Thanks for the advice. Letting the sales guy know that all I need is the quote not the demonstration will definitely be the first thing I do, in future.

I think I'll ask a quote for Andersen wood casement. I never considered vinyl before until I found this forum while I was researching for Renewal. I like the Andersen wood dealer I encountered. I asked for a quote on sliding doors (I didn't have to tell him that only thing I need is the quote and nothing else). He quoted the price and that's it. No 'sign it today and I'll discount you %' or 'it's good for three days to lock the price' stuff at all. I think that's what a dealer with quality product is supposed to do. Get me the price and let me take my time to decide. Why pressure, unless the price is not right, or the product is just not as great IMO.

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Andersen wood window is average, the sunrise is head and shoulders above in quality, structural integrity, and energy efficiency. If you can, go with the sunrise. Wood can absorb moisture and warp, it can also dry out.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I would make the distinction between pressure and incentives.

Every major sales entity has some sort of incentive program.

Saying you sign today...or another thing altogether and we are in agreement on that.

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Remember about any salesman, he is there to feed his family.

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There to feed there family with your money.
I would just schedule all of them at the same time.

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Well, Okna just emailed me that they don't have a dealer in my area. Sunrise give me a dealer but I googled it - it has a negative review so I'm asking them to send me another - still waiting for reply.
Are there any other vinyl window brands out there with equal quality? How about 100% figerglass window from Marvin they should do just as well as vinyl?

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Keep in mind, even great companies will always have a customer with an issue. Some customers are just never happy, they look for things to complain about and its impossible to find any sort of resolution. Then there are valid complaints/ issues that do occur for whatever reason, as long as they are resolved, its really not an issue.
Be careful about eliminating a solid company based on a negative review.
If there are alot, thats different.

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As WOW said, there is a big difference between high pressure /sleazy sales tactics and a company that offers reasonable incentives and provides thorough information about the service that they offer. You are making a very large investment, so you really want to get as much information as possible and get a good feel for the company that you may choose. Simply asking for the price alone is at the other extreme from the 3hr dog and pony show, you really want to be somewhere in between to be able to make a good choice.

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Sounds about right. I'd agree that like Goldilocks, you don't want the porridge that is too hot or too cold, but the one that is balanced and just right. A good company that is knowledgeable, reputable, and honestly priced is what you want.

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I had Sunrise installed in my home. It cost about $12,000 to replace all the window in the house. This included a large front picture window and a smaller on in the back. There were 21 individual units plus the big glass. All were casement. A window with 2 panes would be 2 units. We love the windows. No drafts now. Much warmer in the house. I'm in Manitowoc, WI

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poppawolf thank you for the information. I really appreciate it.

My quote for vinyl (not Sunrise) is $8500 for a big picture, 8 casement units, and a very small double hung in laundry room. I'm now trying to get some more quotes.

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