How to needed for touille swags...

sapphiresOctober 26, 2005


Hmm, did I spell touill right, sorry if I didn't not a word I use everyday. My sister is getting married in Feb..She would like swags made out of touil, flowers and ribbon and hang on every other pew at the church. Would someone tell me how to go about making these? Thank you.


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Tulle is pretty easy to work w/, bcs it needs no hemming, so you can just cut it into the pieces.

And it's cheap, so you can experiment.

Basically, you cut a length of tulle, 12 inches wide or so (I'm guessing--experiment and see what you think, remembering that you can always cut it off, so start wide and trim down until you get a width that bunches up nicely--so it looks rich, but not overly pouffy).

Make it long enough to sag nicely across the end of the pew, and have ends that hang down a little bit--whatever looks good to your eye.

Then, find a way to bunch of gather it at two points (my vote: buy those "Goody" brand clear-plastic ponytail holders; they'll look invisible, be cheap, and be easy to use).

Once you've put on two ponytailers in the spot where you want them, then get some flowers, and tuck them in or on the swag. If the flowers are lightweight, you can nestle them int he folds; you can tuck their stems under the ponytailer.

Then tie ribbon around the ponytailers to decorate that spot. You could also cut ribbon the same length as the tulle pieces, and lay it along the tulle before you bunch it up and put the ponytailer around it.

As for how long you want the ribbon to be, figure 1 inch for the knot itself, enough for the two tails hanging down, and whatever you want for the loops--not much help, am I? Get some cheap ribbon and experiment (again, remember that you can always cut OFF, so start long and trim down).

Once you've made one w/ the dimensions you like (be sure to hold it up against the pew end) of tulle & ribbon, then cut a bunch all at once, and make them assembly-line style

The one thing I don't know is how to attach them to the pew--you could put a ribbon between the ponytailers on the back, and loop it over.

Of course, there may be other ways to do this that are sturdier than my ponytailer idea, but this would be easy and no-sew.

You might also go over to the "Sewing" forum and ask there.

(in case you want to do a web search, which might give you some other ideas, it's spelled tulle --but don't feel bad about not knowing how to spell it. I've worked at a home magazine,and we joke about "tulle, toile, tole, tuille"--all of which we use, and all of which mean very different things (Tuille is a food; the others have some fabric frame of reference)

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