6 months and counting

froggy05October 18, 2004

Hello all,

I am still here, getting settled in in my new home of Aberdeen, South Dakota. I actually like it here despite the cold weaqther (yes I know I sound way too Califronian right now). I found a job at the local hospital and also waitress on the weekends to save more money for the wedding.

I didn't forget about all of you, I just had to dissapear for a little bit to get my life in order again.

I'm getting excited only 6 months to go...wow time flies soo fast! We are going back to CA in December and ordering the cake, flowers, and the guys are getting their tuxes squared away...its coming together nicely.

Just wanted to tell you all I've resurfaced...

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Okay...I'll reply!! :)

6 months!!

P.S....you do realize, don't you, that it hasn't actually *been* all that cold, yet, here in SD? :)

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Lol, yes I know it hasn't been that cold, I'm just being silly...but I really do like it here tho...its nice and slow and everyone is soo friendly.

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