attic window safety

skjacksonFebruary 18, 2013

We're thinking of buying a house from 1900 with a huge attic space that would be great for our kids. The thing that scares me is that the windows are only a few inches above floor level in the roof dormers. Do they make window gates or any such safety device that would keep kids safe if they happened to trip in the wrong place or whatever?

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tempered-glass'>Tempered glass.

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A safety gate would help any eliminate any impacts directly to the window. Tempered glass would help since it is a bit stronger than annealed glass and would break into small and safer pieces of glass. You may want consider some type of anti-fall device as well. A safety gate would work and hardware on the window would work as both primary and secondary means.They make security bars that would work or you just use a safety gate like the ones used for stairs.

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+1. The tempered glass will be required by code if the windows have been or will be replaced. Having kids myself, I'd be sure to add some type of additional protection there as well. You could do something aimed specifically at safety such as a gate, or even something as simple as putting furniture in from front of it could be effective.

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More than likely the windows would not be required to be tempered by code unless the window has a pane of lglass larger than 9 squarefeet within 18 inches from the floor.Glass is not typically required to be brought to code at point of sale in my neck of woods.

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