Casement sizing question

momfromthenorthFebruary 11, 2013

We are getting ready to replace some wood dh (builders grade) windows that are 27 years old and starting to rot. We've got it narrowed down to Marvin Ultimates (full replacement) in either the casement or dh.

We would really like to go with casements this time around - they are on the NW corner of the house and get slammed with wind & rain (we get a lot of rain being in the MidSouth). The windows are 31x64 so it's a pretty good that too big for a casement? The RO is probably more like 34 x 67. Do you think that's too large for a casement? These are 2nd story windows and the Marvin casements would be so much easier to clean. We would have a checkrail put in to simulate the dh look.

Your thoughts? TIA

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I don't have Marvin's spec sheet in front of me, but that size sounds doable.
If you go with the casements, I love the simulated check rail option.
My question is, why do you say that the casements would be so much easier to clean? The new Marvin dh's all tilt in for easy cleaning.

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Yes, exactly, they would be easier to clean because of the mechanism that allows the window to swing around for easy cleaning. I know the Marvin dh's tilt in easily - they dertainly have the best mechanisms we've interviewed for wood clad windows for sure. But the casements seem to be more airtight from what I'm reading and we aren't getting any younger. To clean both top and lower sash in the dh, you really need 2 people. This is another reason why I am leaning towards the casement with simulated check rail...assuming the size isn't too large.

Anything that will make our lives easier (less maintenance and easier to clean) as we move on up in years.

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Windows on Washington

Casements, by comparison, will be more airtight.

Your Marvin rep should be able to very quickly tell you what the size maximums are for their casements.

Even the RO sounds like it is within the max limits of the casement.

Just be sure to not leave it open for long periods of time or it can pull on the mechanism and create issues down the road.

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Your sizes are well within Marvin's maximum sizes (40"wide by 92" tall or 36" wide by 96" tall). Since they are tearouts, have the rep compare a standard size versus the 34 x 67 that you mention. Also have him show the taller bottom rail option as well as the checkrail. Looks dead on like a double hung from exterior.

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Ahhh... you are are referring to the "release" on the Marvin casements that allows the sash to turn around. Very slick feature. I still would not say that it is necessarily much easier than the DH's, if you think that 2 people are needed then your sales person did a poor job of demonstrating that.
Casement and double hung can both be a good choice, and each has pros and cons. Casements are indeed "tighter" out of the box, however they are prone to sagging over time and the seal can be affected as such. They also generally have more service calls due to the number of moving parts and inherent design attributes. If you don't keep them open much, that will decrease the load on the unit and lessen the chances of issues...
I know it sounds like I am "anti-casement" but I assure you, I am not "casist" , lol... I just like to try and provide all of the pros and cons of each to make sure that you are as happy with your purchase in year 10 as you were on day 1. ;)
The cleaning feature and the simulated check rail on the casements will definitely give you a "Wow factor" with friends and neighbors.

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Double-hungs can be difficult to tilt in for some older folks and short people. I am anti-casement myself, other downfalls are screens to the interior side, but than can also be a benefit.The similated check rails are not cheap and would be a big expense to make casement look like a double-hung.It would also defeat another benefit of the casement the, the large uninterrupted viewing.

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