when to start looking for mob/mog dresses??

katclaws_moSeptember 27, 2005

Hello everyone,

How far in advance would you think is appropriate to start looking for my MOG dress? I've been looking on the web & ebay to get some ideas. The wedding is June 24th '06 so I need to find something more for summer.

Do I need to find out what color the bride's mom will choose, so that I don't step on any toes? Do I just stick to beige?? Don't get me wrong, her mom is a lovely person!

Also, I am under a lot of personal stress ( completely unrelated to the wedding) Either I'm stress-eating or not eating at all. I have no idea what size I'll be by then, so I'm kind of afraid to shop too early. Also, I have no idea what size I am now (possibly a 12 or 10--although I'd like to shoot for a size 8 by then, heaven help me), or what styles would look halfway nice on me.

I just would like to look my best for my son and not embarrass him too much--LOL

Suggestions please & TIA ~~ katclaws

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From an etiquette perspective, the mother of the bride chooses her dress first then tells you what color and style she chose so that you can choose a complimentary color and style. As a three time MOB/MOG, I can tell you that choosing your dress will be more difficult than choosing the wedding gown. It was awful. Everything was either too formal or too casual. So, you may want to start looking now and when you find the perfect dress you will be ready to purchase.

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As the MOG, I waited till MOB chose her dress. As she lived in England and bought her dress here, it was stored (with everything else for the wedding) at my house in the guest room/wedding room.

I procrastinated about my own dress until about 2 months before the date because the only things I ever wear are jeans or uniforms.

I got a little nervous when I finally went shopping and couldn't find anything appropriate. A friend (recent MOG) gave me the name of her upscale dress shop; a shop that assigns you your own personal consultant who assesses the style of the wedding and your body size and comfort level and all that stuff. She picked out 6 dresses for me to try on--I bought the first one. She suggested the shoes and jewelry and purse, too.

What a relief it was to have professional help. Good luck with your wedding.

If I can pass on one piece of advice--be comfortable. It's a long day/night and you want to enjoy yourself, not think about holding your tummy in or how much your feet hurt.

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My daughter is getting married in July '06 and like you I haven't seriously started looking yet. I don't know exactly when the spring/summer styles will be in the stores so unless I happen across something I like that is left over from last summer, I doubt I'll be buying anything soon. I know that I don't want to wear a long dress, and I'm a little nervous that the groom's mother might want to. The bridesmaids will be wearing tea length and that's what I would prefer.

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Because the bridesmaids are wearing tea length dresses, it would be inappropriate for the mothers to wear long dresses. They should not dress more formally than the bridesmaids. That is not to say, however, that the MOG won't decide to wear what she wants regardless of what you choose. I have seen several MOGs who had no idea that they were to take their cue from the MOB and who were either overdressed or dressed much too casually.

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for the first wedding (mog), it was outside in the backyard of a family friend so was totally up-scale casual... could have worn the same dress to dd's destination wedding on sanibel island but she didn't want the same dress in her pictures, lol...so consulted a friend who lived in florida, as to what to wear..ended up cataloging it...

i plan (mog) to catalog again, for next oct, 06...will probably not have any problems as mob is petite, and i'm lane bryant. lol...

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My son is getting married in August. His fiance' suggested that I be with her and her mom when shopping for her wedding dress. I love the idea, but is it appropriate?

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It is definitely appropriate and can be a great bonding experience for you, the bride, and her mother. When my daughter got married to an only child, we took his mother to some of our appointments. She told us how much she appreciated it and having the opportunity to feel a little like an MOB. When my clients ask, I encourage them to include the future MIL. I have had a couple of clients who invited her to every appointment, others who invited her to selected appointments.

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That's lovely, especially for the girl who married an only child. I know I really, really loved it that my FDIL sent my mother and me (we were together on a trip at the time) photos of the dresses she was considering and of the one she selected. We were delighted that she included us, not even so much for being able to see the dress as much as that it reassured me that I must not be acting too pushy or intrusive about the wedding plans if she felt comfortable doing that.

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