Privacy Window Film (mirrored)

kimcocoFebruary 22, 2010

Wondering if anyone has tried Gila window film for daytime privacy - I picked up the mirrored type - I purchased at our local hardware store. I realize at night fall, the effect is opposite - you can't see out, but you can see in.

Were you satisfied with the results?

Does it give total daytime privacy? Or, if I have my lights on in my house during the daylight hours, will outsiders still be able to see in? I'd prefer if they (neighbors) see no movement, so wondering if this is going to give me the results I'm looking for.

Comments? Feedback?

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Interesting...I can't see my message on the forum unless I'm logged in.

I digress...

Ughhhh....I was just reading about thermal shock and windows, and now I'm concerned with installing this mirrored window film on my INSIDE windows (we have storm windows on the exterior), which may cause thermal shock / breakage.

Can anyone comment? I'm wondering if I should just put forth the expense and get real stained glass for privacy on the inside windows?

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As a do-it-yourself matter, you are wise to be cautious. Film applied on the inside of mult-pane windows has great potential to cause heat build-up. Something has to give and often it is the glass exploding on a cold day.

As a matter of hiring a professional window film dealer, I always advise a homeowner to get a written guarantee. If the installing dealer promises you won't have any problems have him put that in writing to include replacing and/or repairing any glass or parts damaged as a result of the film. I have seen such a written guarantee by reputable and knowledgable installers.

I did business with a solar film specialist some time ago that had a product he applied to exterior of glass and gave a strong guarantee to his customers.

Best results will come from having the outside piece of glass be colored or tinted, either reflecting or absorbing heat and/or intense sun. If you are keeping the storm windows consider having a reflective glass installed in them.

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Ok, now i have to clarify.

The glass isn't multi-paned, as in it's single paned glass on my kitchen windows, and then single paned non air tight storm windows. They're old slider windows from the 1920's (interior), and new slider storm windows.

Does multi vs. single paned make a difference with thermal shock?

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