Guest clothing / hosiery ?

aralia_nySeptember 6, 2006

I realize you're all into planning weddings, but I could use your expert opinions! I'm attending an afternoon wedding near the end of September, with a 5:00 reception at a country club. No mention of dress was made on the invitation, and I plan to wear a knee-length black dress. I've been told that hosiery is really OUT...and I should go bare-legged. I would be much more comfortable in hose, but I don't want to look out-of-date either.

Any input? Thank you!

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hosiery is pretty much out, esp. for daytime, but it's not THAT out.

I think if you're comfortable in them, wear hose.

Black hose would look really nice, still, as would nude.

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I think black hose or nude would look very nice and give you a finished look. "Nude" would be one of the colors which is closest to your natural leg color.

I asked the lady at the Nordstrom's hosiery department if hose are "out." She said they are not worn as often as they used to be, but many professional women wear them, and some are even required to wear hose.

I told her I wanted "nude" hose, and she helped me pick a good color, which I appreciated.

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now that's nice to know!

if i could only find shoes...i ended up wearing sandals last week...and probably again this week...(especially since it's a cocktail and hors d'ourves reception and may have to stand...)

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Thanks for the input. I would love to hear others' opinions too!

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I would wear hose. I find bare feet to be extremely uncomfortable when wearing dress shoes.

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I hate hose, so I have really loved the bare leg fashion. I rarely rare them in summer. But they do make your legs look pretty, and some shoes aren't comfortable without them. I don't like the way they look with sandals.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I went to a dressy wedding on Sunday, and I didn't wear hose.

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Thanks to everyone who answered!

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A lot has to do with how your bare legs and toes look. I prefer to wear hose at my age and with my fair skin. You can get away with either, so wear what you prefer.

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